Things to Consider Before You Pick a Property

Everyone wants to buy a house in their life. Do you have a house? Well, if not then you must not live this dream in your mind. You should lead a life that is fulfilling and happy. And that is possible only when you have a house that is in your name.

You can check out classified websites in UAE and ensure that you have the house that is yours. You can always ensure that you never give up on anything that is your dream. There are so many properties out there that you can check out. You can compare the options and find out the best options in the world. Once you explore the options in the properties, you would come across the ones that are good and satisfying.

But yes, buying a new house is a kind of task that demands patient and careful research. No matter it is finalizing the property or simply picking the mortgage lender, many factors require to be taken into consideration when making the choice. Both decisions are related to each other; your preference of property will affect your borrowing choice and from where & how much you borrow will in turn have a bearing on the preference of the property. The point is you must look at the factors that are important for you.

Aspects to consider when confirming the property:

Finalizing the property that goes well with your requirement is an intimidating task. While you might not be in a position to get a house that fulfills all your requirements, it is possible to search for an option that fits most of them and turns out to be a healthy investment as well. Again, this decision could need to be revisited, if along the way you realize that the choice is beyond your means or does not comply with certain requirements, etc.

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a). Recognize the purpose

Before you even finalize the property, you must be clear about the purpose of purchasing the property. Is the house getting bought because you want to move into it as soon as possible or is it like that of an investment? While in both instances you want to pick a house that is well built and is a great investment but in case it is for residing purpose then the considerations are going to be slightly different. This aspect also impacts the budgeting pre and post loan.

The point is you should buy a property as per its specific needs. You need to look for the property that is useful and efficient.  Now, whether you look forward to living in the property shortly or you have plans to put it on rent; you can do it. It is important that you look for the properties that are as per your specific needs. What is the point if you end up with the property that is not good for the purpose you have?

b). Consider the credentials of the developers

No matter one is buying a project that is under construction or that of one which is completely developed it is important that sufficient attention is given to who the developer is. You need to be absolutely sure about the quality of construction. The developer’s credentials are mainly important when purchasing a house that is under construction. You do not wish to be stuck with an investment that is delayed boundlessly because the builder has run into some sort of legal hurdles or is suffering from a liquidity crunch.

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The point is if the credentials of the builder are good, you can go ahead with them. What is the point if they are not reliable and effective? Such a thing would definitely be ineffective.   The point is when you are going to spend so much on the property, you need to be careful about the credentials of the builder. You cannot simply take a chance with them. After all, it is all about what you do and how tactfully you do it.

c). Search for approved projects

Once scouting for projects, you could come across some which vigorously advertise that they are approved for loans by a couple of banks. If the lender’s’ terms are apt and the property also matches your need then consider buying such a property. The lenders have already done their due assiduousness, getting a loan from that bank might be easier and faster. However, do remember that situation could change during the course of project completion, so even if a project does have approved status, performing due diligence before choosing a project cannot get ignored. In case required take expert opinion.

d). Check the title 

No matter a resale, first-time ready-possession, or even that of under-construction property, always get a title check done on any sort of property you buy. This is the title check that gets done by your lawyer and is a significant part of the process. It is always better to be sure in the present than to be sorry in the future.

e). Look into occupation certificate

A house or a project needs approvals from a host of departments and if even if one is not taken the project construction might be stopped midway or residents could be asked to evacuate it even after completion and handing over. Make sure that you get an occupation certificate in case of a resale property or that of first-time possession. For an under-construction property you require to get commencement certificate.  There are different certificates that might be applicable to the type of property you are looking for in a specific area. After all, once you have the certificates in the hand, you can get the best experience.

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f). Take into consideration under-construction projects

In case you are not looking forward to moving in immediately then an under-construction property might be a good idea. The point is that usually purchasing a house that is under construction might get you a great deal and discounts. However, do make sure that the developer is of great repute and check about the likely date of completion, and as stated above in case a construction loan has been taken.


So, check out the classified sites in the UAE and find out the properties that turn out to be a boon for you.

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