Those who swoon over alcohol don’t even realize the amount of trouble that they’re about to get in. After all, overconsumption of this drink has a strong impact on their physical and mental health simultaneously. So if you’re one of them and have been drinking alcohol for quite some time, giving it a break for a while will unleash incredible benefits for your body. If you don’t know if you are an alcoholic or not, Soberlink (an addiction recovery website) has written a great article about recognizing the signs of alcoholism.

In simple words, as much as it sounds fancy to enjoy this drink at a social event, the downside is seldom heard of. Even though alcohol has become a concrete part of popular culture, the side effects are here to stay. In this feature, we will tell you about a few things that will happen once you stop milking your body with this drink. 

There’s no running away from the fact that alcohol plays a strong role in more than half of the deaths and injuries from homicides, burns and drownings. Furthermore, it also cements quite a reputation for itself by being involved in 4 out of 10 fatal traffic crashes and falls.

Therefore, even the best that you can do is, cut back on half of the amount that you consume in a day, it will help you gain consciousness and stay alert in all situations. On the contrary, indulging in binge drinking will always put you at the receiving end of the damage. 

  • Your Liver Might Heal

Simply put, the liver’s job is to detoxify your body from harmful substances. After all, alcohol intoxicates the cells in the body. Therefore heavy drinking has a profound impact on physical health. If men drink around 15 drinks and women swoon over 8 per week. This will lead to fatty liver and various other problems. 

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Although the liver can replenish itself and survive without much effort, still binge drinking will destroy it. So it’s a good idea to quit alcohol and see how it can save your liver and help you become a better version of yourself. 

  • Your Heart Health Gets Better

Drinking a glass of red wine or swooning over the other available alcoholic beverages might be good for heart health. This might be true for some time or the first few sips, however, overconsumption will be damaging. 

If you drink more than the recommended amount for your body, it will lead to high blood pressure, obesity and the increased production of fats called triglycerides that cause chances of heart failure. So now is the best time to quit this habit and see how it can have a strong impact on your body. 

  • You Might Lose Weight

Instead of registering for an outpatient alcohol detox program to undergo various treatments to lose weight, giving up on alcohol will quickly help breathe life in this goal without much effort. A typical glass of alcohol weighs around 150 calories. Furthermore, the intake of these calories only trigger your appetite and compel you to munch on your favorite meals. 

So when one begins to keep away from alcohol, the number on the weighing scale will quickly come down. One will also feel confident about themselves, once they begin to lose weight and look better. 

  • Your Relationships Will Improve

Because alcohol has become a part of popular culture, enjoying it in reasonable amounts can help boost your mood. However, if you go berserk over a couple of drinks in a day, it could become an unhealthy habit. So if you don’t control it, this habit will eventually transition into alcohol use disorder. So giving up on this drink will help focus on your current relationships at work and home

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It might also curtail depression and anxiety-related issues. Once you achieve these goals, it will only elevate your self-esteem. 

  • Your Sex Life Will Get Spiced Up

A little bit of alcohol might spice up the love life in bed. But anything beyond a certain limit will have a drastic effect on your health. Especially If you’re an alcohol addict, it will turn into abuse after some time. Men might even get stuck with erectile dysfunction and women might have difficulty in getting an orgasm. Therefore, their sex drive might pause and their vagina will get drier. 

So cut down on the drinks and see how it stirs the romance. After all, everyone wants to have an incredible love life and enjoy it to the fullest. 

  • Might Lower Cancer’s Risk

It’s clear that binge drinking can lead to different types of cancers including that of mouth, throat, esophagus and breast. What’s more bothering is, if alcohol lowers the risk of cancer, how long it will take to do it. Some studies have unleashed surprising benefits of consuming less alcohol in the pursuit of keeping away from cancer but scientists still have reservations about it. 

Right now with much research underway, let’s see what the future unfolds for everyone. 

  • You’ll Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Alcohol might make you a little lazy in the beginning but once you overdo it, this drink won’t let you sleep on time. Because more than half of the world’s population is insomniac, alcohol addiction has a strong role to play. Plus it will both affect your breathing and cause damage to the respiratory system. You’ll have to wake up more often during the night to go pee.

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 So try avoiding alcohol as much as you possibly can. Especially in the evening after dinner, if you can have a cup of green tea, it will be better. 

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