Steps to Ensure Enterprise Cloud Security

While cloud computing is becoming more recognized with the growing business requirements, there are also specific threats. There may be breaches in the cloud environment with increasing malware, unauthorized access, and hacking incidents. With these risks, cloud security becomes fairly important for securing your cloud environment and keeping away interferences, malpractices, and related vulnerabilities.

Despite all these threats and data vulnerabilities, some cost-effective and agile solutions can crack up the risk barriers and provide the best security for your cloud environment.

However, you need to follow some essential steps to ensure enterprise cloud security :–

Strategizing on Vulnerabilities

It is essential to identify the risks and the sources where the risk is originating from. You should confirm what data you want to protect, the accessibility guidelines, and the risks resulting in the loss of data beforehand.

Also, identify the risks related to the cloud and devise solutions to avoid them while also keeping a new perspective towards securing it. Keeping an eye for detail will easily identify the problem source, and thorough planning will ensure that it does not attack your systems in the future as well.

So, to ensure your cloud security, strategize in the first place. This could also include deciding on the best service model to deploy for your cloud.

Data Encryption

While storing any form of data in the cloud, make sure that the data is severely protected. For this purpose, your cloud environment should provide data encryption while moving the file to or from the cloud. You can go through the encryption policies of your security provider and have a detailed knowledge of how your provider would keep your data safe within the cloud.

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It is also to be noted that similar to unencrypted data if your SaaS provider manages your data, the security might become more vulnerable, and you can lose control over it.

Protecting Identity and Credentials

User Id is the most common source of hacking the data. For this purpose, you need to control the unauthorized logins. Also, check how your cloud setup handles your Id management. This allows added security when the login credentials are breached.

You should find ways to improve your password security. Generating a one-time password while logging in is an excellent way to avoid any unauthorized login.

Controlling Access

It would help if you had sound access control in your enterprise. Not every person should be allowed to access the cloud, and the credentials should not be shared with one other, ensuring data confidentiality. There should be a physical layer that ensures that a particular user can access the data only on the Identity Access Management (IAM) basis.

Certain data loss prevention tools can monitor access behaviors and prevent any unwanted access. Except in the case of IT professionals, where they can have full access over the cloud for integrated management.

You should also lock down any external access by your collaborators or clients for enterprise cloud security. It would help if you had strict policies on what can or cannot be uploaded on the cloud and what domains are restricted. Also, define the accessibility and control of your cloud security provider.

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation is an essential practice to protect your public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. This ensures fewer breaches in your data. The more you take out the manual element from your cloud, the less would be the chances of the integrity of your data being compromised. Cloud automation will reduce your hardware and software costs and prevent the loss of your work.

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Cloud Security Audit

A third-party audit should be conducted in your enterprise cloud security from time to time. This will lay light on any unauthorized logins, suspicious activities, and other kinds of threats to your data. This will highlight the vulnerability of the cloud setup in terms of security, and accordingly, you can come up with solutions to deal with it.

Train Your Employees

It is very important to train your employees and lay down specific cloud management instructions on their end. Due to negligence or a lack of knowledge of an employee, hackers might get into the cloud environment and pose cybersecurity threats. Getting Cyber Security certification from one of the renowned institutes will be worth it.

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Your enterprise cloud security is critical as any door left open might directly pose a threat to your business. Since no system is impenetrable, make sure you leave no stone unturned for the safety of your enterprise. Hire industry experts with a proven track record to ensure complete data security on the cloud.


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