Stay Fresh- The Best Porta-Potty Cleaning Tips

When you’re using a porta potty at your next event, you must make sure it’s clean. Keeping your porta potty clean ensures that it’s more comfortable for your guests — and sanitary. But what are the top cleaning strategies you should be using?

Read on to learn the best porta potty cleaning tips!

1. Clean All Surfaces in Your Porta Potty

Is it safe to use a porta potty? Yes, absolutely — as long as the porta potty has been cleaned and disinfected. One of the keys to keeping your porta potty clean is to attack the surfaces with a cleaning agent.

A combination of vinegar and water provides a cost-effective solution. You’ll see brighter surfaces that look and smell better. For tougher grime, add some baking soda to the mix for a more abrasive cleaner.

You can use store-bought cleaners, too. Some of these may be tougher on stains. But for the more eco-friendly route, stick with vinegar.

2. Leave Open the Door

If you’re using a portable restroom at your next fall festival, there’s a simple trick to keep the porta potty cleaner. And it doesn’t cost any money. Leave open the door!

When you burn food in the oven, you open windows and turn on an exhaust fan. The same strategy applies to neutralizing the smell of a porta potty. By opening the door when it’s not in use, you’ll increase air circulation.

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After your event has ended, crack open the doors and let the fresh air and sunlight work their magic. And if the portable restroom is not in use for an extended period during your event, open the door.

3. Use Deodorizers for the Best Porta Potty

Are you concerned about your porta potty’s holding tank? Rather than trying to clean it, you can deodorize it. This is a simpler way to eliminate bad smells when your porta potty sits near a gathering spot, like a new patio.

With many products, you simply toss the powder or pellet into the tank. That’s it! Doing this while keeping the door open ensures that your porta potty doesn’t smell bad.

4. Make Cleaning a Routine Activity

The key to keeping your porta potty clean is cleaning it after every event. Don’t let a few days snowball into a week or more of neglect. You’ll remove surface stains more easily and neutralize the smell if you tackle cleaning right away.

As another option, use a porta potty cleaning service. That way you’ll avoid dealing with an unpleasant stench after the event. Plus you can trust that the professionals will have the strongest cleaning agents and know how to use them.

5. Understand How to Clean a Porta Potty

You want to have the best porta potty at your next event. That means offering a portable restroom that looks and smells clean. With some diligence and antibacterial cleaners, you can offer a clean bathroom to your guests!

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