Small Yard Space

If you have a small lawn or yard, you may feel limited as to what you can do with it. Smaller spaces can also easily appear cluttered or messy, and it can be a fine line between a homely, full garden and an unkempt, overgrown one. Regardless of the size of the outdoor spaces you have, there are lots of ways to maximize these spaces and make them seem larger, without overcrowding. Here are a few ideas to save space in your yard to give you some inspiration. 

Growing Up

If the ground space you have is not much, consider looking up. Have you got any walls or fences that could become home to climbing plants or hanging accessories? The ground is not the only place you can plant seeds or bulbs, so don’t forget about the ones that grow upwards, along walls, or that hang from posts. Popular hanging and climbing plants include Boston ivy, bougainvillea, clematis, and climbing roses. If you are able to, you could even hang or put up shelves in your garden, in order to give you even more spaces to work with. 

Seasonal Planting

To get a full range of vegetables, plants, and flowers in your yard, you will need to plan the time of the year to plant everything. This helps ensure that something is blooming all year round, at the optimum times, as not every plant can be planted whenever you want to. Certain bulbs prefer different climates and types of weather, so before you start working on your yard, take some time to research and prepare a gardening calendar so that you know when to start planting your favorite blooms. 

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Compact Accessories

When space is an issue, there is a lot less room to keep gardening equipment stored in a safe and secure way. Fortunately, there are plenty of compact options available specifically for those who are short for space. Some snow blowers from Troy-Bilt can be small and compactable, making them perfect for tighter storage space. If you have some kind of outhouse, garage, or shed, make sure you continue to keep your equipment in good condition to ensure it is safe and in good working order. You can also use various storage methods and solutions, such as shelves, hooks, and drawers in which you keep items, and there is even garden furniture available that doubles as storage boxes.

Indoor vs Outdoor

If you have no outdoor space at all or have a space that is not suitable for greenery, you can consider growing plants or herbs in your home. Many people choose to grow herbs in their kitchen, as they receive light from the window and are right at hand when you need to season your meals. Some of the easiest herbs to grow include thyme, basil, and mint, which can be added to your food or drink when you are cooking to impress your friends and family.

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