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Whether you are working from home or in an office, your office desk set-up really matters.

Think about it. We spend up to eight hours or more a day sitting at our desk for Zoom meetings, e-mail catch-ups and other types of projects. And chances are, your work set up is not currently set up to maximize your physical health or your mental wellbeing.

There are many ways to enhance your desk space so that your body is supported and comfortable throughout the workday. You can start with getting an office chair that is right for your body and is set up to provide you with great posture throughout the day.

But even with a good office desk chair, many of us can still end up getting tight necks, sore backs and general discomfort throughout the day. This is where desk props such as the Everlasting Comfort’s desk foot rest can really come into help.

This is because your feet’s positioning and support under your desk can have a direct impact on your overall posture and comfort while sitting down. They especially make those marathon stints in front of the computer a whole lot more comfortable.

But how do footrests actually accomplish such a feat? And how do you know if you have chosen the right one?

To help you enhance your workspace and your overall physical wellbeing, we have rounded up everything you need to know about sitting comfortably at your desk with the right foot rest and how to know you’ve chosen the right one.

1. You will enhance your body’s circulation

One of the key ways to enhance your physical wellness is to optimize your blood circulation throughout the body. And a great way to do this is by having your feet well supported from a footrest. By doing this, your posture will instantly be enhanced and your blood flow will increase evenly throughout the body. As a result, you will have a more likely chance of not feeling pain, stiffness or even blood clots.

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2. You won’t be tempted to sit cross-legged

When your feet are not able to comfortably reach the floor, you are likely to be tempted to sit cross-legged in your office chair. While this may provide you with short-term comfort, it can lead to some long-term negative health impacts. In fact, recent research is showing that people who sit cross-legged for long periods of time are more likely to damage their shoulders, pelvis and neck.  A foot rest takes this temptation out for many.

3. You can flex your feet

Some desk foot rests are designed with a small platform for your feet to rest while also encouraging subtle movement. By being able to move your feet up and down while sitting—even in the slightest motion—your blood circulation will enhance greatly. Long term, this movement will help both your blood vessels and nerves feel less stressed—meaning you are less likely to feel pain. This type of foot rest is made in a range of sizes so that no matter your height you can get it so your feet are supported in the optimal position.

4. You can avoid getting a serious injury

While it may sound bizarre, your sitting posture can actually have an impact on if you are at more risk to develop issues such as deep vein thrombosis. When this happens, your entire foot—including your toes—will feel swollen, under extra pressure and severe discomfort. If this happens for too long, you could even risk permanent damage. But there is no real reason to worry about this risk too much if you have and actively use a quality footrest under your desk,

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5. You can keep mixing up your working positions

Your footrest adds one more type of foot position into the mix. This means you can start out the day sitting at your desk, then move to have a footrest for extra support and finally shift to standing for a while. The variability in the type of pressure your feet have will mean your blood circulation is constantly being moved around and enhanced.

Getting a quality footrest for your desk is an absolute must these days. With so much of the working world going digital, we are spending more time in front of our desks than ever before. This means that it is more important than ever before to get the ergonomics of our workspace right so that our body can feel great! There is no reason to have to work in discomfort, especially when the addition of a footrest can enhance your physical comfort and support so much.



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