Safety is very important and there is information that a person must have to stay safe at work. There are schools that offer health and safety courses in Singapore that will teach a student all of these skills. A person can even get a degree in this area.

Degree Program

The degree program in workplace safety and health course in Singapore is designed for professionals. The program is operated by the University of Newcastle and it will combine training in separate areas. These courses will look at the areas of environmental health and occupational health and safety. This program will allow a person to complete their Bachelor’s degree.


The students that follow this degree program will have a course of study that is fully accredited. The program and the school are accredited by the Occupational Safety and Health organization also known as OSHA. This is the largest safety organization in the world and is accepted all around the world. The program is also approved and accredited by the Ministry of Manpower. This is something that is required under workplace laws.

Cost of Health and Safety Courses

Students can apply for a scholarship to help them cover the cost of the occupational health and safety program. The total cost for this program is just over $27,000. A student can attend school part time so they can continue to go to work and meet other obligations. There is also an application fee for students that are new to the program.

Course Structure

This program is designed to last two months. During the first year of study, a student will take their general education and subject matter content. Courses are online and in person. During the second year of the program, a person will learn about the environmental and occupational health and safety courses. They will learn how to stay safe at work and how to keep others safe too. They can also help develop additional safety programs.

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To be admitted to the occupational health and safety course a person will need a diploma in the areas of health, science, or engineering. If they have a diploma in another area it will be evaluated on a case by case basis. A person should be at least 16 years old to enter this program. Applicants should be able to speak English and understand the language. A person can fill out an online request to find out more information about the program. They can also fill out the application online. A person will then be contacted by a representative from the school so they can find out more about this program and how it can help start their career.

Occupational Health and Safe programs can help make sure that people are safe while they are at work. The program will also give a person the skills needed to make decisions on how to do things safely. People that take the occupational health and safety program through this university in Singapore can prepare for a long career in the field.

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