Resource Augmentation: The New Way to Expand Your Team

Resource Augmentation: The New Way to Expand Your Team

Often more than we realize, companies need additional resources for their software development project. And building tech teams takes work. It’s a long, tedious process that requires much time and financial resources. However, accessing skilled Software development talent can be easy when you lack adequate talent in an ongoing software development project. IT resource augmentation can help you access world-class software development talent to complete your software application and support your in-house team to bring the project to the market faster.

Software Staff Augmentation Basics

Development team augmentation is a talent outsourcing model that provides additional software developers as an on-demand service. It gives companies access to top global or nearshore programming talent that they can onboard immediately on an hourly paid basis.

The characteristics of the software development resource augmentation model include the following:

  • Payment for talent, not for staffing or recruitment
  • On-demand services
  • Diverse top-notch talent availability
  • Available as a unit of service
  • Flexible hourly rate
  • Easy hiring/dismissal of service
  • Works with existing workflow and management structures

When is IT Staff Augmentation Necessary?

It may be necessary to extend your in-house development team for several scenarios, such as:

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New Projects

Resource augmentation is ideal for software applications, new IT solutions, etc. Development resource augmentation can provide extra talent like programmers, project managers, and CTO to complete software development projects quickly and efficiently.

Rapid Growth

Businesses undergoing fast growth might need more time to hire new developers. Talent recruiting is a tedious task that requires a lot of time and resources and might not be on the budget in the mid-term. Immediate business requirements may need contracting software development services to bridge the HR gap.

Why Sofware Development Resource Augmentation

There’re numerous staffing models for software developers. But how does each compare to resource augmentation?

Development Team Resource Augmentation vs. In-house IT staff Recruitment

Expanding an internal team can be time-consuming and expensive. Recruitment to hire additional team members would eat into the project timelines and lead to unmet deadlines. However, augmenting software developers, especially from nearshore countries, would make it easier to build up a team quickly at a lower budget.

Development Team Resource Augmentation vs. Outsourcing

A company would need to spend lots of time, even months, to onboard a team, create specific documentation, assign a DevOps team, etc. The bottom line, outsourcing only works well for time-limited projects. On the other hand, resource augmentation would make integrating new developers within the existing ones easy and roll out projects faster.

Development Team Resource Augmentation vs. Insourcing

A larger company with a substantial internal developers team can recruit new development members to tackle the new project. However, smaller companies may need help to take on new tasks. Resource augmentation would add programming talent to the internal team.

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Why US Businesses Should Work With Nearshore Software Development Companies

The internet makes sourcing software development services more accessible than ever. Businesses can work with skilled talent from anywhere in the globe. Companies in the United States can hire nearshore software development companies (developers from countries in relative proximity, like Latin America and North America) to their benefit, including:

Shared Time Zones

Working with software developers in different time zones can cause communication delays, strained relationships, and frustrations. Nearshore companies reduce time zone differences ensuring smooth communication and collaboration.

Improved Code Quality

Nearshore software development companies can access the latest technology, programming languages and frameworks, and data, providing better code.

Easy in-person communication

Nearshore companies reduce travel expenses by shortening flights and increasing the possibilities of physical meetings. Spending fewer funds on transportation makes it easy to set up a permanent location if needed.

Businesses are rapidly embracing new technologies to stay competitive. And to properly accomplish digital transformation, from cloud computing to artificial intelligence, enterprises need the right IT team. Software development resource augmentation is an excellent option for software development projects. It allows companies to maintain control over their projects and reduce risks.

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