The global real estate industry is a $9.6 trillion industry with half of that in the United States. Even with huge stakes, property investments have a low-risk profile. This makes it accessible to everyone willing to invest. In fact, the Philippines is seen to have the greatest potential in real estate investment today.

But low-risk doesn’t mean there’s no risk. Every property tycoon should know the basics. Invest your time in learning these 5 real estate investing tips before starting. 

1. Budget Your Capital

The biggest obstacle in your path is capital. It’s the amount of money you have to invest. 

Buying houses or any other property is no small feat. Some people spend their entire lives trying to save up. 

If you have the means to invest, don’t over-extend your investments. Putting yourself into a financially unstable place will only set you backward. Dedicate a small portion of your savings or a section of your portfolio to real estate. You could also choose to get a loan to buy land here to fund your new property investment.

Holding more than 10-20% in one investment is a bad strategy. 

2. Know the Cycles of Real Estate Investing

Have patience when you’re investing in real estate; it’s a long-term investment. Selling or buying at an inopportune time will devastate your margin. You have to learn the two market preferences: buyer’s or seller’s market. 

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There’s some nuance to estimating the market, but there are signs of each cycle. When homes are selling too quickly, the market favors the seller. If there are a lot of “For Sale” signs in neighborhoods, it’s a buyer’s market. And for you to be on top of the list when it comes to selling properties, it would be better you hire a marketing agency that would focus on spreading your network and works even in different social media strategies.

3. Scope the Neighborhood 

“Location, location, location.” That’s one of the oldest business adages in the book.
Before you invest anywhere, check the surrounding area. It doesn’t matter how cheap the house is, if it’s in a bad area, you won’t get a favorable return.
​Checking the location is especially important if you’re considering a buy to let property as consistent rental income will come from areas with good amenities and transport links. Click to read more if you’re looking for this type of investment.
The only way to profit in a bad neighborhood is if it’s undergoing gentrification. A good indication of this is if there are new businesses in town.

4. To Rent or Not to Rent

You have to decide if renting is the right choice for you. It’s a good option if you want your tenants paying off your investment. But renting can tie up a lot of potential returns.  

If you do decide to rent, you should consider a property management company. Their cut is insignificant, and you don’t have to deal with renters. Just be mindful of a tenant’s rights, possible property damage, and other nightmares. 

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Check out these real estate investor lists for a better catalog of ideas. Renting may not be the best idea for you. 

5. Your Day Job

Whatever you do, don’t quit your day job. At least not yet. 

A lot of newcomers jump headfirst into the game by quitting their jobs. Without a reliable paycheck, they’re doomed to fail. An ROI from properties comes in the future — assuming they’re realized. 

Without a source of income, your investments are at risk of foreclosure. Bankruptcy is a real concern unless you have multiple streams of cash flow. 

And most banks won’t borrow to unemployed, new investors. Be very mindful of taking disadvantageous loans. 

For Sale! 

There’s a share of the real estate market for everyone. What sets the successes apart from the failures is having the right know-how. 

Successful investors know to budget capital and when to sell. They do their due diligence and have a reliable source of cash. 

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