Rakeback Bonus Explained

Have you ever had an awful poker night where it seems like you can’t catch a break while watching the dealer give your opponents chips — after taking their cut for the house? If only you could get a piece of that action going to the card room, you wouldn’t have to go home with an empty wallet. That is why we will explain the rakeback concept to ensure you do not experience harmful losses!  

Rake Definition 

If you have ever played fair games in reputable casinos like Lucky Dreams, their websites probably explain what rake is. Many poker players are familiar with the phrase “Rakeback,” although many have questions about this sometimes perplexing source of extra money.

It is still necessary to define rake. In a nutshell, the rake is the portion of any money you bring to the tables that goes to the poker room. Because there is no ‘edge’ (as in other entertainment types like Blackjack or Craps), it is through the rake demanding that the House profits and continues to operate by providing games and funding them.

How a card room develops rake varies based on the format of play. When playing cash games, for instance, the rake is taken from any pot that reaches a Flop. It’s usually calculated according to how much each player puts in the pot. So, for example, at $0.50/$1, if someone raises to $4.50 and gets called by the Small Blind but not Big Blind, then the pot size would be $10.

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In other words, the rake is the user fee a poker room charges for organizing and running a gaming event. The rake in Sit & Go or Multi-Table Tournaments typically consists of a percentage of the buy-in, which goes to the casino instead of the prize pool. For example, in a $100+$15 tournament, $100 would go to player prizes, while $15 would be taken as a rake by the hosting poker room.

When playing online poker, you can expect to pay between 4% and 10% in rake, depending on the room you’re playing in. Usually, micro and lower limit games have a higher percent rake; however, be sure to study online casino reviews of each site before choosing one so that you pick what’s best for you!

Rakeback Methods

In poker, Rakeback is the money you get back from the casino as a thank you for all the rake you generated. Rakeback Poker Rooms are generally calculated using one of three methods:

  • Contributed Rakeback: This method calculates your rake based on how much money you put into the pot. For example, if you bet $10 in a cash game and the rake is 10%, you must pay $1 in rake for this hand. A player who receives a 25% rebate would receive $0.25 back for this one hand under such a promotion.
  • Dealt Rakeback: The question is, who was dealt into the hand and how much each player contributed. All of the players are rewarded with Rakeback. Here’s a scenario to consider: if you’re playing in a cash game with four other people and the casino charges a 10% rake, the House will take $10 out of every $100 pot. Under a 25% Rakeback arrangement, $10 is paid out equally to all those dealt in the hand so that each player would receive 0.50 percent Rakeback.
  • Progressive Rakeback: The percentage return on investment increases as players’ rake amount grows. That is frequently the best alternative for frequent grinders and multi-tablers who commit to reaching specific goals.
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It’s as simple as that: getting as much Rakeback as feasible is just as crucial in your poker regimen as bankroll management and studying strategy. You’ll lose out on hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars every month if you don’t have Rakeback. Poker is all about making the correct long-term profitable play with each decision. So, choosing casinos with Rakeback is an excellent idea. 


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