Knowledge base software is a program that collects, organizes, retrieves, and optimizes information for an organization or the masses. These services usually help in customer support services. Mentioned software falls under the category of support services. This software can be considered to be a tool that sorts out information.

Mentioned software by using its unique sorting algorithm extracts and categorizes certain information. Thus later putting them together which takes the form of frequently asked questions viz. FAQs and support queries. It also creates a constructive pool of answers for all usually asked questions to a customer support executive. This cuts slack in the time given to each customer and also makes the process faster.

Features of Mentioned software:

1). Self-service oriented: Mentioned software with its unique ability to create FAQs and ‘how to’ queries makes it easy for the consumer to find a solution by himself/herself. The consumer just needs to navigate to the product website and under the support category, they would find their query or problem already answered. This makes the customer independent of the assistance of the service provider. This also saves time for both, the customer and seller.

2). Quick resolutions: With the creation of a vast pool of support queries, the raising of support tickets decreases significantly. This also reduces wait time in addressing queries. Hence, strengthening the support wing of a company. Availability of a tool like mentioned software eases up many processes in the support wing. And this was merely one of them.

3). Systemized content: With the onset of software like this content on the websites look neat and managed. The interface of mentioned software and restructuring of content with it leads to the alignment of different services such as orders, support, testimonies, products, contact us, etc. The support category benefits the most from this.

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4). Navigation friendly: Restructuring and organizing websites makes them more user-friendly. Hence easing the process of navigation from one section of a website to another. Navigation eases in the intra-section aspect too. For instance, take the support section. Jumping from FAQs to ‘how to’ queries or some other part is a matter of seconds now. All this enhances the GUI of the website too.

Advantages associated with Mentioned software:

1). Customer support services: Mentioned softwares are dedicatedly meant for support services. This being the prime usage does get an edge over all other services. These softwares monitor all conversation between support staff and customer that helps in any sort be it navigation stuff or technical stuff related to a product. Afterward taking into account those conversations, mentioned software creates a pool of queries answer which can be compiled in a FAQ manner. Thereby posting these FAQs on the support section which makes the consumer do their work. These softwares are connected to the internet all the time. So they also keep a track of top queries. Hence having them too on their websites. All this is regularly updated for a fine experience.

2). Familiarizing knowledge base: Mentioned softwares customize, organize, optimize and sort the existing database. Raw data in a database when stored correctly does wonder. For instance, suppose a pool of data with statistics of people till now benefited. The stack contains testimonials, date of support, ratings and reviews, etc. What good is this information if not put properly? But mentioned software does the drill and sorts these data into categories. Or any other list they need to be put on. Hence presenting the same data in a more pleasant and luring form. Other information can also be added such as the firm’s credential on the website.

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3). Diminishing training expenses: With little to no expertise or pre-required knowledge, it is extremely convenient to use this software. Well, it’s certainly not rocket science or fine arts that would require an upper hand of knowledge or practice. The simplistic nature of this software is the thing that increases its popularity, reaches or usage manifold. An exposure of 3-4 hrs for 2-3 days would suffice in making anyone familiar with these software programs. Tasks such as authoring articles, editing them, creating FAQs would come in handy over time. Or for that matter creating ‘how to’ articles to fall under the same roof.

4). Reducing Average Holding Time (AHT): With the creation of a vast pool of help resources, it had become easier than ever to navigate the customers to solve their problems. Mentioned software sorts out useful information from a pile of data to construct a useful data pool. This eases the work of employees in BPOs or customer support offices to get their work done which usually is solving customer issues related to products or services. This decreases the average holding time spent on a customer by the support executive. As mentioned software, this feature is one of the many that are useful to the support industry.

5). Content management: With the help of this software, the websites and workspace not only become organized but can also be customized according to the whims of the user. Content can be arranged according to the needs or requirements which gives a good look to the website. Besides an arranged stack of data is any day more useful than a chaotic stack of data. Files of every format, for instance, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, .xls, etc. can be placed at a place without any worries. From where the administrator can decide who gets to access these files on their computers.

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Knowledge management software:

Knowledge base software is a lot similar to knowledge management software. In fact, the former comes under the roof of later. This software gathers important information about a firm. Also, the employees reap its many benefits in their work as it converts the task to a glib one.

On a finishing node, we can conclude that be it any software either the former or later both of them are meant to enhance support services. Using their unique abilities they sure help in other aspects for development or easing work too. But where their true talent or use lies is support services.


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