Is “IFX Brokers” Safe to Trade with_

So, you have heard about IFX brokers, and now you want to know whether it is safe to trade with or not. Right? If so, then read this comprehensive article thoroughly and decide whether IFX Brokers is safe or not for trading.

You can say that IFX brokers are forex brokers in South Africa to provide traders and investors with the best of their services. Well, if we answer the main question of this article, then we can say that IFX brokers are completely safe. But how?

Let’s have a look at some of IFX brokers’ services and features that will prove that whether it is safe or not:

Why are IFX Brokers a Safe Option for Traders?

In South Africa, there are very few Brokers or broker providers who can compete with IFX brokers. Because the services that IFX brokers provide are truly worthy. Let’s see why is it safe:

Licensed Brokers

The most important asset of a broker is its legal documents and certificate that makes it a fully legit broker. And when we talk about IFX brokers, the best thing about this company is that it is legal. But do you know how we can say that IFX brokers are legal companies? If now, then we are here to tell you.

The first thing that a trader or investor should notice in the forex broker is whether it is licensed. And when we go to IFX brokers’ website, we can see that this broker is licensed.

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IFX brokers are among the few South African brokers who are licensed and brave enough to show their registration numbers. Their registration Number is 2017/027249/07, so you can verify it from anywhere, and you will get to know that this registration number is 100 percent real.

Moreover, you can trust them because those brokers who are not licensed or are lying about their license will never tell you their registration number so that you cannot find them fake. But IFX brokers have mentioned their registration number on their website so that anyone can find whether they are truly licensed or not.  

Your Money will be Saved

Unlike many forex brokers in South Africa, IFX brokers will always take much care of the money that you will invest, or you are going to trade in foreign exchange. Almost every forex broker says that your Money will be at risk, and he will not be responsible for any sort of problem.

In most cases, these forex brokers are fraud, and there are solid chances that they will leave you behind and embezzle all your Money.

In other words, these kinds of forex brokers are fraud and spend your Money on money laundering. But don’t worry in the case of IFX brokers because they assure you that your money will not be wasted at any cost.

The money you will keep for investing will be kept separately and safely and will be checked every day by the third-party audit. 


After all those formalities like licenses and certificates, you will also get to know that your money is completely safe. Whenever you are going to find the best forex broker, you should never forget the insurance document. The broker who says that he is the best because he has a license and certificate and is completely regulated is reasonable. But the one who assures you that your money will be saved is the best for you because your Money is everything for you in investing and trading.

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IFX Brokers is connected to an insurance or funding firm that will pay you in case of any accidental failure. You will need to have the insurance documents that will be given to you by IFX brokers.

So, never forget the insurance documents because these documents will give you your funds back. Somehow if IFX brokers forget about the insurance paper, you have to ask for it. Without insurance papers, never deposit any amount of money.

  • Pro Tip: Those brokers who postpone the insurance papers, again and again, can be a fraud. So, never trust them anyway. 

Segregated Account

It is the account of the company that is provided to the client for secret means. It means that the company will have no relation with that account at any cost. You can also say that a segregated account is a secret account of a client in a company.

IFX brokers also provide their investors and traders with this sort of account. The funds that you will have compiled for investing and trading can be kept and saved in this account. The main property of this account is that no one will know what amount is in the account except the third-party audit. Because third-party audits will check the amount every day so that no one can cheat you, if the amount is less than what you have deposited, then the third party will be responsible for giving you the Money.  

IFX Wallet

IFX has named their segregated account as IFX wallet. You don’t need to worry when you are trading with IFX brokers. Because all the funds that you will keep for investing and trading will be saved in the IFX wallet, in simple words, you can sleep comfortably at your home because your Money is completely safe. And in case of any unusual problem, the Money will get back to you with the help of a third-party audit.

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The final line that is concluded by this article is that IFX brokers are pretty safe for trading in foreign exchange as a broker. And we have proved that as well by some services that IFX brokers provide to their investors and traders.

So, if you are new in this forex trading market as a trader and investor, you must try IFX brokers at least once because their features have impressed us so much. But all last, it is your choice; you have to decide whether IFX brokers are safe for trading or not in foreign exchange.  


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