Interesting Things You Didn't Know You Could Do Online in South Africa

You might think that the internet has been around long enough now that you know everything about it. Yet, while this technology has transformed our business communications and our personal lives, there are some things you can do online that you might not yet be aware of.

Order 3D Printed Items

3D printing has been possible for a few years now, but with 3D printers costing from R5,000, it is an expensive technology for anyone who wants to give it a try. Thankfully, there are online services where you can send your design to them and get it printed rather than have to spend a lot of money on your own printer.

You can choose to print whatever you choose. So it could be anything from a piece of modern art to toys or jewelry, with the only limit being your imagination. The cost is generally R50 per hour of printing time, together with the cost of the material that starts at about R1 per cubic centimeter. It should cost less than this if you have a big order, though.  

Clone Your Pet

A South Korean company caused something of a stir a few years ago when they announced that they were able to clone family pets. Sooam Biotech uses a process known as Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer to clone your pet dog, while another company named Sinogene also offers the same service for cats and horses, and Texas-based ViaGen Pets has entered the market too. These are global services, with the latest estimated prices for cloning a dog coming in at over R1 million meaning that it is something that is restricted to the very rich so far.

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Among the famous people said to have cloned their pets is Barbara Streisand, who replaced her dog Samantha with a clone according to Simon Cowell and Diane von Furstenburg are among the other celebrities who have cloned a beloved pet. It is worth noting that South African scientists at the Embryo Plus and AI Centre at Brits teamed up with Danish counterparts to produce Africa’s first cloned animal in 2003 when they cloned a Holstein cow.

Source: Pixabay

Play Live Casino Games

The idea of going to a classy casino to place your stakes on the roulette or blackjack tables used to mean making a trip to somewhere like Sun City or Gold Reef City Casino. The arrival of online casinos has provided a new way of playing. This has led to more people trying these games for the first time, but you might not be aware of a relatively new option where a human dealer controls the action as they are live-streamed onto your computer or mobile screen.

If we look at, we can see that Casino Dome has over 100 live dealer tables and also offers local banking methods for South Africans. Other options mentioned here include Punt Casino and Springbok Casino, which both offer computer-generated games rather than live dealers. Whichever casino you choose, you will want to check out the welcome bonus offers for new players, which often give bonus cash plus free spins. There are sites now that help players find the best and safest casinos out there.

Take an Unusual Course

Taking an online course to boost your career or to find a new hobby is something considered pretty normal these days, as you can learn about anything from graphic design to coding, photography and a lot more without leaving home. Yet, you might not be aware that you can take more interesting and usual courses as well. Those courses that are fully online can be carried out from anywhere and many of them are free to sign up to.  

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An example of a fascinating subject comes from SmithsonianX and the Harvard Division of Continuing Education, who created an online course covering Philosophy with Superheroes, looking at the deep questions about power and responsibility faced by superheroes. Another option comes from Udemy, which offers a course for trainee clowns. Meanwhile, edX has a course looking at how the Star Trek TV series has inspired popular culture.

There is no reason to think that you have explored everything there is to see on the internet. Ideas like those we have just looked at reveal that there is a lot more out there for you to discover and enjoy.


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