How to Gift Crypto

Gift exchange is always a heart-warming activity but if we talk about a crypto gift exchange that would be a surprising activity. But nowadays, gifting cryptocurrency is becoming trendy as people learn about crypto. Now the question that arises in my mind is whether it is taxable or not. This thought declares that the crypto space is not just limited to finance. Investment in terms of crypto gifts is a varied option for the digital market. If you also want to know how to invest or trade in cryptos, click here.

A significant addition to the crypto value for future aspects. but on the contrary, some crypto experts believe that digital currency could not be a long-term option due to its plummet in value whereas others believe that it has a bright future. Rather than these expectations, there is no doubt that due to increasing value over the year, cryptocurrency can become the gift that just keeps on giving. 

Gift Cryptocurrencies to someone

The purchase of cryptocurrency is a cakewalk thanks to all crypto exchanges and buyers who are responsible for the popularity of cryptocurrency. And due to its popularity, considering it a gifted option would be as beneficial for all crypto lovers. Let’s take a view so that you can gift cryptocurrency to others:

How to avail of Gift Cards?

Maybe it was just a thought for several years about the crypto gift card. Although some of the official websites sold out of these cards as well. The website’s visit would be helpful in case you are unsure about the results regarding offers, trust factors, and choice of your gift range and ultimately you can pay for that. After payment, a gift card will be delivered to you amounting to the value you decided. And finally, to redeem the gift card, the recipients can visit the website and fill in the required details thereon. 

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Role of Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchange is also a way in case you are willing to give someone cryptocurrency. For that register on a crypto account, and select the mode of payment. Once the account is created, you are now authorized to purchase a crypto token and send it to your loved one. 

How to Store Cryptocurrencies?

After purchasing your crypto token, the threat of being hacked or stolen is obvious. Hence to avoid this situation, you must safely place your crypto token either on the platform or offline where the chances of being stolen are low. 

Store cryptocurrency in Paper Wallets

One more way to store your crypto tokens at a cheaper value is to place them offline. One more provision to store crypto tokens offline is a paper wallet to avail of this facility, visit a website and create a paper wallet. It will provide you with a private key along with a QR code typed on a piece of paper. It also includes some personal information as a formality for registration. Now, this would be helpful to access your tokens and execute your transactions. The only thing you have to be careful of is to keep that paper in a secure place to avoid any financial loss or damage. 

How Are Cryptocurrency Gifts Taxed?

Tax amount would not be payable in case you are gifted crypto tokens to your friends or family members unless the tax amount is not exceeding its limit. The recipients must be aware of the income tax limit while receiving a person selling any crypto token as a gift. In case the profit availed after selling the crypto token is within a year, well that would be an ordinary income and a short-term tax would be implied on them. Whereas income tax is payable on the lower capital rates in case the period is over a year which is a long-term gain. However, the value of the gift determines the taxable amount during token purchase time. 

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Final Thoughts

As of now the change in gifting items has been replaced by crypto tokens. while giving a token to somebody solved two purposes. First, you are disposing of your crypto without any tax implications and another benefit is for the recipients who can avail of this gifted token in respect of financial aspects when its value will grow significantly in the future. The only thing you have to take care of is to keep your crypto token somewhere safe to avoid any financial loss.


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