How To Choose The Right Dog Sitter

Although we would never want to part with our four-legged friend, sometimes it happens that we have to leave home for a few days without having the opportunity to bring our pet with us. It can be for a short vacation or a business trip.

And such a situation arises the need for dog sitting services. The profession of dog sitter is very widespread nowadays, and specialized pet sitting agencies are growing every year. But how do you choose the right service provider for your needs? Let’s find out together.

First, you need to understand – what this professional figure does. The dog sitter is basically a substitute for the pet owner to look after a dog when the owner is unavailable. Now, let’s see what qualities this professional or dog sitting service providers should have:

The Qualities Of A Good Dog Sitter

a). Certifications 

There are national and international organizations that issue-specific certifications after passing tests and exams: ask your potential dog sitter if they have these or not. 

b). Previous Experience 

The first element to focus on is choosing a qualified professional who already has experience in this work, even better if with dogs of the same species.  Such as 

c). References 

Evaluating the sitter in front of you will be easier if you can listen to the opinion of those who have already been their client before. 

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d). Substitute Availability 

 A good dog sitter agency must have replacement staff available if the assigned person from their staff needs to be absent. There should always be a substitute available in case of sudden departure, illness, or any other impediment that does not allow the sitter to be present in times of need.

e). Emergency Plan and Contact Details 

Your furry mate may need immediate care and assistance. The pet sitter must know all the necessary information regarding the health of the animal and the contact details of the trusted veterinarian.

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Handling The Dog To The Sitter: What To Do Before And After?

Once you have chosen the dog sitter, there are other aspects that need your attention. First, make sure they have replacements who can take his place in an emergency. Then, find out about the emergency plan and the existence of a trusted veterinarian who can provide 24-hour assistance in case of need.

Before leaving your four-legged friend with the pet sitter, make sure you have given him all the information he might need:

  • The daily routine of the animal with schedule and habits, for example, meal times or walks.
  • Special needs of the animal, perhaps due to specific conditions.
  • Your four-legged friend’s commands and games.
  • Practical matters such as sending daily updates on the puppy, perhaps with photos or videos.
  • Presence of specific pet insurance.
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Final Words

It doesn’t always happen to have relatives or acquaintances willing to take care of your dog in your place when you have something important to attend to. Plus, they may not know how to care for your beloved pet properly. So, in these cases, contacting a professional will be a must. Using the above tips, you can find a reliable pet sitter that will take care of your canine or pup as you do.