How to Boost the Cozy Atmosphere in Your Bathroom

When you think about making your home cozier, your mind probably jumps straight to the living room or bedroom, right? That’s only natural, as those are the rooms that we spend most of our time relaxing in – so of course, we want them to be warm and comfortable. However, one of the most important rooms to make cozy is actually the bathroom

That might sound surprising, seeing as we don’t spend as much time in the bathroom as we do in other rooms. Yet, when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. We usually visit the bathroom just before bed and as soon as we wake up – which can both be very cold times of the day – and we have to get undressed in there in order to shower or bathe. 

So, now that you see why it’s important to keep your bathroom cozy, here are seven effective ideas for how to do so:

1. Get underfloor heating

Say goodbye to cold feet on tiled flooring with the luxury of underfloor heating! It does include a bit of an upfront cost but heats up the room efficiently and evenly to ensure maximum comfort. It’s important to hire a professional to install it if you choose this option.

2. Install heated towel rails

There’s nothing more comforting than wrapping up in a warm towel after showering or taking a bath. That’s why you should definitely consider getting a heated towel rail or two from warm rooms to truly take your bathroom to the next level of coziness. You won’t regret it!

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3. Choose extra-fluffy towels

In order to get the most enjoyment from your heated towel rail, why not treat yourself to a new set of super-soft and fluffy towels? Pick extra-large ones so that you can completely wrap yourself up after bathing.

4. Use bathmats

Bathmats are ideal for adding softness and warmth to a tiled floor. Not only that, but they also reduce the risk of you slipping when you get out of the bath if the floor is wet. You can find all sorts of colors, sizes, and styles, so there’s bound to be one that matches your bathroom’s decor.

5. Add some greenery

Houseplants are a wonderful way to add some calming spa vibes to your bathroom. Species such as ferns thrive in a moisture-rich and humid environment as long as the space gets enough sunlight. It’s ok if you don’t have a green thumb, as many varieties are also simple to care for.

6. Pick colors wisely

Most bathrooms are white or a similar neutral color; however, this can feel quite cold. Increase the coziness by adding splashes of warm, rich colors such as red, orange, or purple. You don’t have to completely redecorate – even just a hint of color will make a difference.

7. Burn candles

Having candles in your bathroom adds a cozy atmosphere in several different ways. First, there’s the literal warmth they generate. Second, the gently flickering glow is softer than using harsh electric lights. Last, if you pick scented candles, you also fill the room with an inviting fragrance. Just be sure to use them carefully!

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Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have a cozy bathroom that you love spending time in!


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