The authentication of certificates requires the engagement of several authorities from both the home country and the UAE. The applicant must keep a steady eye on the status of attestation services in Dubai at a particular office to collect the document and submit it to the next section/office. It is a lengthy and tedious procedure. 


The time it takes to complete the attestation is determined by a number of factors. The time schedule varies due to the involvement of a variety of government departments. It usually takes between eight and ten days to finish. However, delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.


There is also an attestation charge. It varies depending on the type of document to be certified and is subject to periodic change. Everyone who wants their certificates confirmed would be wondering how long it would take to get them verified in the United Arab Emirates.


You’ve come to the right location if you’re seeking a simplistic approach to certify your papers in the UAE. Our attestation services in Dubai make it easy for you to get your papers verified and the best part is that you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong or taking longer than it should.


Reasons to get a certificate attestation


For most individuals, living in the United Arab Emirates is a dream come true. Every year, a large number of individuals relocate to the UAE in search of a better quality of life and better job prospects. 


Regardless of the reason, UAE law mandates that all certifications and papers be authenticated by the Consulate Office. Certificate attestation in Dubai helps you acquire a work permit, apply for further education, start a business, and more by proving the credibility of your certifications. 

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Attestation in the Origin Country


Any certificate or document’s original attestation must be conducted in the certificate’s native nation or the nation where it was issued. The type of certificate to be certified will determine which office will do the first attestation. 


If an academic credential, for example, requires authentication, the university from wherever it was issued does provide preliminary and basic attestation. If you have an educational credential, you must submit it to the Ministry of Human Resources and Development.


After attestation by the issuing authority and associated ministry, it must be provided to the country’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). MEA or MOFA will review the document or certificate before recognizing it as authentic and stamping it with their signature.


The certificate must be presented to the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the nation once it has been attested by the appropriate agencies in the originating nation. Only embassy-authenticated certifications will be accepted by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In the United Arab Emirates, attestation is obligatory:


MOFA in the UAE provides the final authentication of the certificate and document. The certificate will be thoroughly examined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to determine its legitimacy. Because the UAE’s MOFA attestation is valid across the nation, any inconsistencies are not permitted.


Attestation of certificates and documents procedure


  • The representative will reach your house to check and receive the document or certificate for attestation.
  • The document information will be placed into our system for continuous monitoring and timely attestation processing.
  • Our most dependable courier partner will deliver the certificate to your home country.
  • The initial attestation procedure will be started by our staff in the certificate’s place of origin.
  • As previously stated, the attestation authority and ministry are determined by the type of certificate to be certified. As a result, the certificate will be sent to the appropriate agency or office.
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We provide end-to-end attestation services to assist company owners, families, and individuals in getting credentials certified promptly and conveniently. 


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