New Technology

It’s easy to imagine that new technology is a threat to existing industries that have thrived over the years thanks to a fairly low-tech approach. However, taking a closer look at the casino industry reveals how they’ve turned the threat of new technology into a series of opportunities. 

Using Live-Streaming to Create a New Way of Playing Classic Games

Live-streaming has transformed industries such as music, television, and even healthcare. In many cases, the traditional way of doing things has disappeared or been overtaken by this new approach that gives us instant access to action taking place anywhere on the planet. Casinos could have been another high-profile victim of the switch to digital entertainment, but they saw the opportunity to add live games using this technology.

It’s easy to see how well this has worked when we check out the ever-growing list of live casino gambling games. Well-known games like roulette and blackjack have been given a new lease of life thanks to the live-streamed format making them more accessible. The dealer spins the wheel or gives out the cards in the usual way, but some versions have added features such as a multiplier to produce interesting new ways of playing.   

New Games That Use the Latest Technology

The changes don’t stop there, as the leading game providers such as Evolution and Pragmatic Play have spotted the chance to use live-streaming technology to introduce new games. While they might appear similar to those live versions of timeless games we just looked at, the key difference is that they introduce new ways of playing.

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The likes of Crazy Coin Flip and Boom City use interesting studio settings as the backdrop to innovative games. Whether wins are decided by the toss of a coin or by spinning a big wheel, these live games give a new type of casino gameplay where technology is used to bring a game of chance to life on the screen.   

Slots Continue to Evolve 

The humble slot machine has been around for a long time and they still work similarly to the earliest versions where fruit and bell symbols were common. However, developers have worked hard to update the genre while retaining the classic appeal of spinning reels and colorful symbols.

This is why we can now find a wide variety of themed slots based on subjects as diverse as fishing, exploring ancient monuments and the Wild West. As well as introducing images and sounds relevant to these themes, the top developers have also added new features such as bonus rounds and different ways of playing free spins. The increase in the number of different types of jackpots provides further evidence of how this category is expanding.

These changes have had the effect of turning the threat posed by new technology into a series of opportunities to grow the casino industry. With new ways of playing acting as a way of getting new players to join, we can expect to see more innovations arrive shortly to add extra variety to online casinos.