Varicose Veins

The varicose vein is a condition that mainly affects the superficial veins of the body’s lower extremities. These are twisted and enlarged veins. At the same time, walking, the pressure inside the veins increases, giving rise to varicose veins. Varicose veins look like a spider web and are blue.

The patient might observe an ache in their legs, burning, tingling sensation, or camping in the muscle. Patients also observe discoloration around the affected region. To get to know more about non-invasive methods of treating varicose veins, you can contact the centre of sclerotherapy treatments in Boise, ID

Reason stress causes varicose veins

  1. Blood pressure: When a patient feels stressed, their blood pressure elevates. If this condition lasts for a longer period, this will weaken the vein and cause blood to accumulate in the vein, which results in varicose veins.
  2. Overeating: When a patient is under stress, they feel an urge to eat more and more food which causes accumulation of cholesterol in the body and blockage formation. If the blockage occurs in the vein, this will result in the pooling of deoxygenated blood in the vein, which results in forming a varicose vein.
  3. Weaken valve: Patients suffering from stress will have a weakening of the valve of the vein, and the blood is unable to move towards the heart completely, and the blood starts accumulating in the vein, which causes varicose veins.
  4. Smoking: Patients who smoke more in stress will make their veins narrow, increasing the tone of the muscle inside the vein. Narrowing the vein will result in difficulty moving the blood against the gravity towards the heart, and the blood starts accumulating in the veins of lower extremities and results in the varicose vein.
  5. Cardiovascular disease: Patients under stress will suffer from Cardiovascular diseases such as arrhythmic heartbeats or hardening of the arteries and veins, which alters the circulatory system of the body and results in pooling of the blood in the vein causes varicose veins.
  6. Pregnancy: The patient often feels stress during the pregnancy due to which during parturition, estrogen and progesterone will be released inside the body, and the amount of flow of blood inside the body will also alter, which leads to enlargement of the vein and causes accumulation of the blood and result in the varicose vein.
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If you are suffering from stress, you need to exercise daily, eat hygienic food, consider stress-relieving supplements or do meditation to lower the risk of getting varicose veins from stress.

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