Got Banned While Playing Online Games? 4 Things That You Can Do

Have you ever got into a situation where you have been banned from an online game? And you must be thinking that you haven’t done anything wrong but still got banned. Well! You can never get banned without any reason. Yes, it is true! No online game can ban you until and unless you have violated their terms and conditions. Most of us don’t read the terms and conditions, but these terms and conditions have the rules that a person must adhere to, and if they don’t, they have to face the consequence of getting banned. 

There are no methods that assure your account will be unbanned. If your account has been banned for a few days or hours, the only thing you can do is wait for it to be unbanned. However, some people’s accounts are banned for more than ten years, and in some cases permanently. But once you are denied access, you have to use unfair means!

So, has your account been banned in an online game, and are you searching for what to do? Then you have landed upon the right page! Read on to know some of how you can play the game again or even potentially retain your account. But remember, these ways will not guarantee success! 

1. Clear Cache

In case your account has got banned, you can try clearing the cache. Some applications detect user accounts just by reading the cookie data. If you try cleaning the cache, there are chances that you can easily recover the banned account back. Don’t worry; while clearing the cache deletes temporary data, it does not affect game data, save data, your achievements, or anything else. You can safely delete your cache without fear of losing essential data.

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2. Try using Virtual Private Network (VPN’s)

If you are banned, then you won’t be allowed to play any game online. So, the question is what to do in this case? In these cases, players start using alternative VPN due to which a temporary IP address is created. These VPNs will allow you to change your IP address and play for a short period. Isn’t this amazing?

3. Use a different device

Sometimes the game ban rules are strict, or you could’ve breached any of their policies that might have resulted in a permanent ban. Each hardware set has a unique ID that can be detected even after using tools to distract their detection tools. In that case, it is best to start fresh. Use a different device and log in with a new id. 

Extra Tip: Check with the gaming company via an email requesting to lift the ban. If they have banned just your account, a new version of the game can be your scope for redemption. If they revert with a negative reply, then using another device might be your only chance.

4. Use preventive measures

Hardware ID spoofers can come in handy if you prefer using cheats. Even if you’re trying your hands on it, use an HWID spoofer to safeguard your IP and other device credentials from the ban. These tools undoubtedly come in handy post-ban, but we have all heard that ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

All the above steps can also be used, like using a VPN before the ban or every time you play the game. Do not flaunt or boast about the cheats and avoid pomp and show. If necessary, pretend to stay an underdog while making your extra abilities with seemingly normal gameplay.

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Seeing a message on your screen saying,” You have been banned for 1000 days” or maybe more is a nightmare. To avoid landing in this situation, it is imperative to play an online game fairly while avoiding using software that is not authorized. And you must also avoid teaming up with your enemies and not use foul language as other players can report you. Some people even use the best HWID spoofers to avoid getting banned in online games and keep all your game data safe. You should play online games fairly! Ruining the spirit by hacking or cheating codes is a total violation of the game rules.


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