How We Can Fix Google Chrome Crashing on Windows 10

One of the most popular web browsers preferred globally for extensive browsing is Google Chrome. According to stats of 2019, Google Chrome has 71 % market shares in the global browser market on all computers. But despite its tremendous popularity and fan base, it still creates issues for its consumers. The users of Google Chrome are complaining about the continuous crashing of the browser while using it on Windows 10 based system. It can cause headaches for a computer user, your computer can lose secret and private data, or you can face consistent restarts or interruptions while performing tasks on your PC. Thus, you cannot make your search on the internet due to this crashing, and it adds to the loss of your valuable time. This article will tell you some reason why Google Chrome crashes on windows 10 operating computers, and we will also help you with tips and methods to resolve this issue.

First, let’s talk about possible causes of Google Chrome crash on windows 10.

What might be the most probable reason for the Google Chrome crash on windows 10?

If you have the 64-bit version of Google Chrome, there are more probabilities of its crack. Sandbox is causing troubles in the 64-bit version as it is new technology brought by Chrome to lessen the susceptibility of online viral attacks because it works actively to block any virus entering from the internet into your PC. Sandbox for safety from online attacks might cause blockage in the proper running of Google Chrome on your device if you have installed the 64-bit version. Sandbox can be disabled if you want to get rid of the problem, but it might expose your Chrome to online viral attacks, so warnings for such attacks are always there.

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Find out the contradictory software

Some software is behind crashes of Google Chrome in your PC. It might involve malware removing software and network-related software that can causes interruptions for Google Chrome to run smoothly. If you want to find out that software interfering with the functioning of Google Chrome, you can check it with the help of a secret google help page as it is very essay to get access to that page by opening this link chrome://conflicts in the search bar of Chrome. It helped me when I was working at Law Assignment Writing Service my chrome browser uses to crash a lot.

a). Flash Plugins

It is found that flash plugins sometimes cause disruptions in Google operating. It happens when there is regular Flash Crashing Shockwaves on Windows 10. It is suggested to disable the internal flash plugin and install the standard plugin Flash in Google Chrome.

b). Corrupted profile

There is a very valid reason that Chrome might crash due to a corrupted profile on Chrome. It might slow down the overall Chrome functioning. You can make a new profile by opening the Chrome settings and add new user in Add User options. You can sync the data from your older profile, but it might contain the virus or corrupted files which will cause Google chrome crashes in the future. It is better to ignore old, corrupted files. Then check if Google continues crashing after creating the new profile, then there will be some other issue that is disrupting Google Chrome.

The browser can get unstable due to faulty files and folders. It can settle down with the help of the System File Checking facility. This utility searches out the faulty files and folders in windows by scanning process and it recaptures the faulty files. Go to the administrator and type there SFC/ Scannow and press enter to continue. The process will take time to reach 100 % after that you will get your browser fixed.

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c). Malware 

If you are regularly facing Google crashes, there might be malware in your windows which can interfere with Google Chrome. You can find it by antivirus software. If still installed software is not showing malware, then it is better to take assistance from other antivirus software. Virus scanners help identify the possible viruses in your windows and then antiviruses will help you to clean your system form these viruses and eventually your browser will work with the same flow.

How you can fix Google Chrome crashing on windows 10

a). Install the 32-bit version of Google Chrome

If the 64-bit version is not operating correctly, you can go for a lighter 32-bit version for windows 10. Go to programs then uninstall 64-bit version and after restarting download the 32-bit version. It will help resolve the issue for you.

b). Use no-sandbox flag on windows 10

Although it is a risky process to keep it disable form Google Chrome, you can get rid of the main issue. Here are tips for using a no-sandbox flag on your desktop.

1. Open the Google Chrome shortcut and open properties

2. A pop window will appear, then click on shortcut bar and find Target menu and search no-sandbox and then finally there is no sandbox, press enter to continue

Find incompatible programs and remove these

The incompatible programs may cause constant shutting down of Google Chrome. If you want to sort out this problem, then you should check for applications that are unsuited to your Google Chrome. By removing these you can use Google Chrome with the same efficiency.

We will tell you how you can perform this task.

1. First, go to settings of Google Chrome

2. Open advanced settings in a pop-up window

3. Press enter on find and remove harmful software you will find it under the Reset and Clean up options

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4. So press find to continue the process and if you find any harmful program for your Chrome immediately click remove

5. After doing all this, you should restart your Google Chrome and make sure it the problem of Google Chrome crashes on Windows 10 is resolved

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Update Drivers on Your Device

Google Chrome might mess up due to outdated drivers on your computer. Sometimes the essential drivers are missing due to which Google Chrome starts misbehaving. Therefore, you should always confirm and make sure that all drivers on your computer are updated.

There are two methods for updating drivers. 

a). Go for Manual Update:

You should check through the internet to find the latest drivers which are compatible with your system and update to clean issues from your system.

b). The Automatic update for drivers:

Driver Easy can update drivers for you if you do not find them easily. It will automatically find out the well-suited drivers for your windows. All the downloading and installation processes are automatic for you.

Other solutions to prevent Google Chrome Crashes

1. Make it sure that your computer has a robust internet connection

2. Remove all cache of the browser

3. Useless extensions can cause a crash so uninstall these extensions which are not beneficial for you. But if you are an SEO keyword finder, then you will need the best extension. Ubersuggest is the most recommended extension with the least possibility of interrupting your Google Chrome. You are looking to get some SEO metrics on Chrome then install ubersuggest it is a free Google Chrome extension. You will get access to your desired SEO metrics, just typing your keywords in the search bar of Google Chrome. With Ubersuggest, you can attain the top ten results with competitive tactical insights. A list of suggestions of keyword related to your required phrase will appear on your screen

4. Close all apps behind your Chrome these might cause a crash

5. Go for a clean boot of your system

6. Restart the browser

7. If still, it continues crashes then reinstall it.


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