Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma is a technique that enables a company to focus on its customer satisfaction thus helping in the overall growth of the company. The Six Sigma Green Belt is one of the many certifications that prepare a candidate to know how to utilize their theoretical knowledge in practical applications. 

Over time, trends and practices have altered or modified with the change in the dynamics of the business world to cater to the various demands of contemporary times. In this article, we will update you with the major trends that are becoming popular. Read along to know more. 

Seven evolving trends to be aware of 

The Six Sigma has been shaping itself in accordance with the market demand since it was first introduced in 1987 and popularized thereafter. However, the changes in trends are more rapid in the present than they were back then; hence, it becomes challenging to keep up sometimes. Thus, here, you will get holistic information on the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt trends that are gradually becoming more prominent. 

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  • Becoming more tech-savvy

The present business world is mainly about digital marketing, online presence, etc. In such a situation, the Six Sigma Green Belt course has adapted more to the modern technologies and concepts in this manufacturing process. The course modules now include lessons like artificial intelligence and automation, data analytics, etc. The addition is to ensure that enrollers gain a holistic knowledge of building data-driven strategies and policies to help the business flourish. 

  • Incorporated with Agile Methods

The importance of Agile methodologies is quite well-known, and they are often preferred over non-certified employees. In the present Six Sigma Green Belt training, different Agile methodologies and approaches have also been introduced. The vision behind this integration is to teach candidates the ways to achieve more efficiency and accuracy in building or improving a business process. With the introduction of the Agile methods into Six Sigma, the course becomes enriched in its entirety. 

  • Focusing on Sustainability

Sustainability in the present era is considered key to the success of a product or service. In the wake of the destruction of nature due to technological advancements, saving the Earth has become a worldwide agenda. In fact, any product or service that harms nature in any manner has immediately faced a backlog – from hotels to accessories. Hence, the course includes ways to make a company’s service or product more nature-friendly so that it is appreciated by users, thus enhancing the overall magnitude. 

  • Provide services In Healthcare

Hospitals are becoming more in need of optimization of their operations with the rapid increase in patients and illnesses. The need for this was first felt during the pandemic when the hospitals were crowded beyond management. The candidates are trained to ensure a smooth workflow by decreasing waiting time, reducing medical errors, etc. The implementation of these processes has been extremely beneficial in enhancing the progress and condition of the healthcare sectors. 

  • Soft skills training enhancement

The contributions of soft skills can never be overlooked due to the dominance of technological importance in a company. Soft skills begin to matter when work needs to be completed by the contribution of multiple employees. Hence, the certification has included and emphasized various soft skills training like teamwork, leadership, communication, adaptability, etc., to achieve a more satisfactory outcome in a project. 

  • Individualising Industry-Specific Solution

The era of generalization has long passed, and this is applicable in the business arena as well. With time, it was realized that every business type, magnitude, etc., has different issues to deal with and thus requires more personalized solutions rather than being generalized. Thus, the course has now included various case studies that educate about the various ways to deal with the differing organizational issues.

  • Virtual collaboration and remote learning

The career world has undergone a massive shift in the frame of working due to the pandemic in the last few years. With the occurrence of the pandemic, people were forced to work from home, which ultimately became popular, and many companies began to operate remotely and permanently. Hence, paying heed to this change, the certification has included lessons on the various virtual collaboration tools or how to remotely manage projects, online learning tools, etc., to be able to reach out across the globe. 

  • Maintaining consistent learning

The process of learning might theoretically end after the completion of a course or acquisition of a certificate, but practically, this process is never-ending. Hence, the present Six Sigma Green Belt course does not end with acquiring the certificate. 

Regular or frequent webinars, updates, other options for enhancing your performance, etc., have been arranged to keep the candidates abreast with all the updates and changes taking place in the business domain. Moreover, a few of these curricula arrive with obtaining a certificate for completion. These certificates help to highlight your abilities in the future. 

The certification comprises other lessons, too, along with these evolving ones. The course modules normally consist of ways to implement the Six Sigma strategies and lean principles in project management, process analysis, and data analysis. It also includes hypothesis testing, DFSS tools, and measurement system analysis. 

Wrapping up

The fundamental objective behind the Six Sigma Green Belt certification is to enable candidates to provide efficient project and process handling in different companies. The primary agenda can never be met if the concept and approaches do not change with the changing environment. Hence, the course contents are being frequently revised. It is essential for everyone to remain as updated as possible to ensure the continuation of efficient service.


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