Crypto and Cash Money Transfer App

As more and more people jump on the cashless wagon, the ever-changing technology has continued to make mobile banking more effortless and efficient for the public. You can now use Mobile banking platforms to make even the most basic of transactions. Want to pay for that latte without fishing through your wallet? Are you looking to pay rent or send money to your mother abroad? Then mobile banking is your knight in shining armor. Digital and mobile wallets, apps you can easily install on your smartphone, allow you to make transactions without using petty cash or your credit card. The commonly used money transfer app in the market today is Afriex.

With a mobile money transfer app, you can easily send and receive money from anyone in the world. You can also pay for goods and services at your local store or even pay for your transportation costs. And while you may forget your change in a shirt you wore the previous day, forgetting your smartphone is a difficult feat. Pretty convenient if you ask me. Some apps like Afriex further allow for transactions using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and investing in the stock market.

How to Use the Afriex Money Transfer App

An excellent example of a Crypto and Cash Money Transfer App is Afriex. It offers a plethora of tools and services to help you in your day-to-day transactions. This is a peer-to-peer money transfer service that enables you to send and receive Cash and cryptocurrency. It is as easy as clicking a few buttons, and bam, you can enjoy your coffee.

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How to Use the Afriex Money Transfer App

Well, first things first, you must download the application on your mobile device, for example, your smartphone. Most of the applications are readily available on your device’s App Store or Google Play Store for free. So, yes, you don’t have to part with your hard-earned money to make monthly payments at all.

If you have an already existing traditional bank account, you can link the app to your account. Then, if anyone sends you money, it goes straight to the connected bank account. Unlike a traditional bank account, there’s no account number. However, you can use your email address, your phone number, or a unique identifier that is solely yours. With the latter, the app generates a shareable URL link, which others can use to send Cash or cryptocurrency to your account. The debit card, also known as a Cash Card, is Visa-branded and is accepted wherever a Visa is, including your ATM and nearest grocery store.

You can use the Afriex money transfer app to purchase, send and receive bitcoin

To buy bitcoin, you must first launch the Afriex app. After selecting the Bitcoin tab, you can go ahead and enter the amount in dollars you want to spend on Bitcoin, then complete your transaction. You could even automate your crypto transactions using daily, weekly or bi-weekly buys. But like all good things, transacting with cryptocurrency will put a dent in your online pocket. You will incur two charges for every complete transaction. A service fee on each closed transaction and an extra cost that wholly depends on the price volatility across U.S. exchanges. The latter is not a fixed charge due to market fluctuations. Therefore, it does not apply to all transactions.

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Afriex money transfer app

There is also a tool present called Afriex Investing that is beneficial if you are looking to invest in the stock market. If you are new to the land of stocks and don’t have much money yet, then you can buy fractional shares. Some favorable stocks are pretty expensive; thus, buying less than one total share of stock might prove pocket-friendly. And one perk when it comes to buying and selling stocks in this money transfer app is that you won’t incur any additional fees.

This app is free to download and install

You don’t have to worry about monthly payments to continue enjoying its full range of services. Services such as sending and receiving money, accepting deposits, and investing in stocks are, yes, you guessed it right, free! The only deductions you ought to worry about are credit card fees, Bitcoin transaction fees, and instant transfer fees. But hey, there’s no price to quality.

Over To You

Is mobile banking the future of the world? Technology is ever-changing and with it ushers in an era where physical cash might end up being rendered obsolete. The current Covid-19 pandemic has also seen most of the global population resort to mobile banking to minimize the spread of the disease. Mobile banking embraces this possible future by making transactions cashless and more efficient. The market also has a buffet of apps to choose from. Therefore, there’s something tailored just for you. Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon of mobile banking yet?

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