Common Pests You Must Take Care of Immediately

Pests are all too common in homes and commercial buildings. Almost everyone has encountered some kind of pest at some point, whether that was one too many flies inside the home or a mouse infestation.

Problems occur when people ignore pests. Dealing with them quickly ensures that minor damage occurs (to both humans and the property), whereas leaving pests to breed will only worsen matters in the long run. It could even be dangerous. To ensure your pest problems never get out of control, here are the most common pests to watch out for that you must take care of immediately.


When rodents invade a home, they are nothing like the cute, fuzzy pets you pick up from the pet shop. Instead, they are disease-spreading, furniture-damaging small animals that you must deal with quickly. Two types of rodents commonly invade residential properties and commercial buildings:

  • Rats

Known in history for spreading the black death, rats are the last rodent you want to find in your home and office. As well as scaring some people, they chew on wires, spread diseases, and attract other rodents. Plus, the longer they are left, the more they breed.

  • Mice

Mice are smaller than rats, but their presence can still cause issues like diseases and chewed wiring. They are often found in the home’s small, dark, warm areas, like lofts or behind cabinets.

You have several options for taking care of rodents. You can place traps, such as mouse traps or poison traps. Or, you could go the safer route and seek professional assistance. A pest control company like Shield Pest Control London is the better option if the infestation is consistent and traps don’t seem to work. Once they have finished, you can be sure that no rat or mouse is left on the property.

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To prevent rodents from returning, you must avoid leaving food out, reduce clutter, and seal any significant gaps.


Moths are flying insects attracted to light, and you can find them in many homes or buildings. While they don’t directly hurt humans, they can damage surroundings – particularly fabric, furniture, and clothing.

If you encounter a moth infestation, use moth repellent to remove them and ensure you thoroughly wash wherever they have been. Keep windows closed at night to prevent them from returning, and store your clothes correctly (in a wardrobe with the door closed).

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny insects that appear either brown or red, although you likely won’t be able to spot them. As you can probably guess, bed bugs often appear in beds, although they can infest other areas like furniture, wallpaper, and luggage. You’ll likely know they are there by noticing small red spots (blood), small brown spots (bed bug droppings), and bites/itchiness on the skin. Once they have settled somewhere, they are quick breeders, so it’s important to eradicate them as quickly as possible.

If you have bed bugs, you must wash all bedding at the highest temperature possible. Then, place all furniture (and anything else the bed bugs have infected) into plastic bags for a couple of days. Doing this should be enough to kill them.


Ants typically live outdoors in colonies. From time to time, though, they’ll make their way indoors, which could result in property damage due to their tunneling through furniture and wood. Plus, once you have some ants, more and more will follow unless you get rid of them quickly.

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Ants are attracted to food, so they often appear when food is left out – particularly sweet food! Due to their size, ants can get in anywhere, so sealing cracks won’t keep them out. Instead, you must ensure that all food is cleaned up. To directly target the ant infestation, you can use several household items to deter them, such as:

  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • White Vinegar

Rabbits and Foxes

Most households don’t associate mammals with the word ‘pest.’ However, for those who grow gardens or own a farm, these animals can cause many problems, as they like to eat plants.

Both rabbits and foxes can make their way through small holes in fences, so you can prevent them from coming in by sealing those openings. You can also use rabbit/fox repellent, sprinklers, and flashlights to keep them away. Some plants keep rabbits away, too. 

If you find rabbits or foxes living in your garden, you can also contact a professional wildlife rescue to move them to another area safely. That way, you can ensure they come to no harm while your garden stays intact. 


Flies like warm weather and rotting food, which is why you often find them in your home more in the summer – especially if you need to take your bin out. Not only are they annoying, but they can also contaminate your food. So, to stay hygienic and healthy, it’s best to keep these flying insects out.

To do so, take your rubbish out frequently and avoid leaving food out for too long. You can also use fly repellent and traps if you already have a problem. If you have spiders around the house, consider keeping them around, as they aren’t a pest, and they take care of flies!  

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Cockroaches are a particularly scary type of insect attracted to rubbish, food, and moisture. Even leaving pet food on the floor can invite these unpleasant insects inside!

If you notice you have cockroaches, getting rid of them as soon as possible is essential, as they carry germs and can trigger asthma and other allergies. Sticky traps work well for eliminating them, but a severe case will call for a cockroach exterminator. To keep them out, keep your home clean.

It is never fun to discover that your home or office has pests. The easiest thing you can do in that situation is deal with it straight away. Otherwise, the problem will only worsen, and you might end up harming the property and your health (and potentially the health of others).


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