Smoke Meat Twice Using a Smoker

Everyone loves to add extra flavor to the food, it doesn’t matter if you are a foodie or not. It also doesn’t matter which food you are having whether it is a hamburger or a steak. Many people also consider the option of smoking the food twice to have a great meal. This is the question we are going to address in this article. 

In simple words, yes, you can smoke a meat twice using a smoker. But you need to be cautious in this whole process or you will end up burning the food. One trick to keep the moisture of already smoked meat is to have some extra fat on it. Let’s learn something more about smoking meat that has already been smoked…

What is meant by double smoked meat?

It is helpful to know the answer to this query, double smoked meat is something that stayed twice as long as normal in an electric smoker. For example, if a typical food is smoked for about 6 hours in a smoker, you smoke it again for 6 hours after applying some oils on it. It actually all depends on the level of smokiness you are looking for and the temperature setting related to it. 

It is simply a process of enhancing the flavors. You can also use herbs and spices according to your liking. Remember, don’t over-smoke it, keep it natural to enhance the flavor and taste of your meal. For perfect results, you can use a top-rated mini electric smoker for it that can be easily used inside the house. You don’t need to worry that your meat will stop absorbing the flavor of the smoke. You just have to check the fire regularly in the smoker. 

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Is it possible to smoke different kinds of meat?

Well, this is the best thing about smoking that you can smoke any type of meat you want. There a lot of meat that you can double smoke to enhance their flavors. Just don’t do that in case of a hamburger as it is a compact meat that makes for a quick meal. They get their flavors from the herbs and spices used in making them. 

You can also use certain type of woods again to enhance the flavor of your already smoked food. You can use oak, maple, apple and cherry wood to name a few. These woods make your meal delicious by imparting great flavor to it. 

How many different meats can you smoke at a single time?

When you put two different meats together in a single smoker, there is a chance that the flavors will intermingle. It all depends on what kind of meats you have put together and the wrappings you have done. For instance, you decide to smoke ribs and brisket at the same time. The best thing is that they can be easily smoked together if they are from the same animal. 

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Remember, different meats require different settings on an electric smoker. You need to pay attention to the temperatures and time of each one to have a good meal. It’s ideal to smoke meats that will have a similar flavor and likeness to cook together, rather than meats from different animals. If you want to smoke chicken alongside ribs than you should cover it in tinfoil with herbs and oils so that they won’t intermingle.

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What are the best meats to smoke?

It is really ones’ own preference based on the individual liking and disliking. I mean most people love the bite of a delicious double-smoked brisket sandwich with an oaky flavor. Here is presented a list of some meats that tastes great when double-smoked…

  • Salmon
  • Brisket
  • Chicken Breast
  • Turkey
  • Ribs
  • Chuck Roast

These are all excellent options for beginners that found it difficult to smoke meats in general. These meats are also great option for enhanced flavors using different techniques. Whether you’re just learning, or looking to spice up the kind of meats you’re smoking, all of these meats are great options for smoking.


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