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Whether you are providing yourself a home massage or working as a therapist, a good massage oil helps your hand smoothly glide over the skin without asserting friction. The market has plenty of oils and lotions for people to choose from, but not all measure up similarly in the race. Some massage gel online can make skin greasy, while others rot excessively quickly and acquire an unpleasant smell. 

Knowing the fundamental differences between different oils can aid you in choosing the best oil for the situation. Here are five oils that massage therapists often use themselves and recommend home users as well. 

  1. Fractioned coconut oils

You may think coconut massage gel Canada is heavy and solid oil, but fractioned oil is a liquid, light, and non-greasy massage oil. Fractioned oil consists of only the medium-chain triglycerides in the composition. 

As a result, the oil becomes stickier and has lesser glide than actual coconut oil. This aspect makes the oil suitable for short massage strokes and often targets areas where muscle tension is high. 

  1. Jojoba oil

Although jojoba massage gel online is known as an oil, it feels like a wax that comes from the seeds of jojoba plants. The oil does not feel slippery and does not stain sheets like authentic oils. This oil is a good option for most people who have back acne as it consists anti-bacterial properties. 

Jojoba has a long shelf life and does not spoil quickly. It is the best choice if you do not regularly use this oil. The oil absorbs so and rapidly becomes a preferable thing for aromatherapy and carrier oil. Jojoba does not have any odor, and it is not usually very irritative to the skin. 


2. Sunflower oil

Sunflower massage gel Canada is a non-greasy and light oil that does not leave the skin feeling greasy. The oil comes from sunflower seeds, and it is rich in linoleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid, which exist inside healthy skin.

The amount of linoleic acid inside your skin degrades your age and can strip you away from harsh cleansers and soaps. Sunflower oil will rot rapidly, so you should always buy them in small quantities and store them inside a cool and dark area. 

Squeezing one or two capsules of unadulterated vitamin-e into a bottle can help extend their shelf life. People with allergies to sunflower should avoid this oil. 

3. Almond oil

Almond oil is sweet and the most prevalent among massage oils. The massage gel online comes from almonds and is pale yellow. It is slightly oily, allowing hands that use the oil to glide freely over your skin. 

Your skin absorbs sweet almond oil quickly, and you do not have to re-apply it again. Compared to other oils, sweet almonds are reasonably priced, but they also do not irritate your skin. In addition, people who have allergies to nuts should keep away from using almond oil on their skin. 

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