A Guide to Finding the Right Therapist for You

In the past, mental health and mental illnesses were highly stigmatized in our society. Seeking help for your mental health condition was actually looked down upon. As we’ve progressed and time has gone on, we’ve slowly become more accepting of mental health problems, and more people are seeking help from mental health professionals. Caring for your mental health should be as much of a priority as your physical health, and people are finally beginning to understand this.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting isolation periods, many people in the United States are being forced to face their mental health concerns head-on. The pandemic has been a traumatic event for the large majority of people, and they are now looking for different ways to address their behaviors in their daily life. One of the best ways to improve your mental wellness is through therapy and counseling. The following guide contains helpful tips and resources for starting your mental health journey and finding the right therapist that is a good fit for your needs.

The Best Online Resources for Mental Health

If you’re looking to begin your mental health journey, the internet is the best place to start. Now more than ever, mental health resources can be found online whether it’s through telehealth therapists or online wellness companies. Online therapy is a relatively new idea, but it’s been a lifeline for millions of people who were able to afford traditional counseling options. Depending on the type of treatment that you’re looking for, there’s most likely a licensed therapist online who can help you. If your mental health problems are beginning to impede your daily life, it’s a great idea to research your counseling options online.

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The company WithTherapy is helping make your online therapy search a breeze. Their website has some of the most comprehensive online therapy searches and matching features on the market today. In the past, finding a licensed therapist or psychiatrist was incredibly tedious and time-consuming. WithTherapy made it their goal to change this. Their website can help you find the right therapist in less time. Rather than searching by hand, WithTherapy listens to your needs and mental health concerns and intelligently matches you with the right therapist. Gone are the days of stigma and misconceptions: WithTherapy is committed to normalizing asking for help with your mental health condition and finding people the right type of therapy and treatment plan that will work for them.

Finding a Compassionate Therapist Who Understands You

Just seeking out mental health services is a huge first step in the process of healing. While it can be difficult to take that first step, it’s so worth it in the end. In the past, if you could afford traditional counseling, it was likely that you’d have to meet with a variety of psychotherapists and mental health professionals before you found one that really got you. Now that there are new ways of searching for counselors online, this process has become a lot simpler.

It’s important that you know that having a mental disorder is not something to be ashamed of. Even if you’re dealing with a very serious mental illness that has proven to be debilitating, it’s no different than someone dealing with a physical health condition or disability, and it’s definitely not something to be embarrassed about. The best way to begin to heal from your mental health condition is to find a mental health professional who reassures you of this fact. When you find the right counselor or psychiatrist, you’ll feel a connection, and you’ll feel comfortable opening up. Whether you’re dealing with an anxiety disorder, substance abuse and addiction, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, or any other serious mental illness or personality disorder, there are resources out there designed to help you.

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