Office Receptionist Interview

The receptionist commonly operates from the front desk for any organization and is the initial point of contact between staff members and customers for any company. Therefore, if you tend to prepare for a receptionist interview, an interviewer may ask a wide variety of questions to gain insight into your skills, effectiveness, and experience.

In preparation for a receptionist job in London, beforehand, you have to practice the answers to common questions to showcase the receptionist’s expertise and skills. For the article, let’s talk about the in-depth questions for receptionists with solutions to help you in getting ready for any scheduled interview:

How do you organize your daily schedule?

Here the employer is looking for an answer to know how you can well-organize your day and perform your duty in a timely and competent manner. 

Answer: I always start my day by creating a list of everything I am looking ahead to accomplish. I keep a check on my calendar for the appointments or meetings so that I will be aware of the same and keep up my duties for the front desk if required. As in my job, communication plays an important role, as I keep answering the phones, checking emails, and updating my daily organizer list with new and follow-up tasks.

How do you cope up with the fast-paced environment?

Here the interviewers are keen to know how you keep up, and you should be confident and clear to answer the question. 

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Answer: The first thing I take care of is being calm because the stressed attitude is never helpful and doesn’t give any clients or staff a good look. I try to prioritize my things for the day to work out my important tasks, and the tasks involving the clients for the company are taken up first. So I maintain a running list for everything I need to do in a day to take care of all of my responsibilities. 

Do you have computer skills?

For this question, the interviewer likes to confirm your skill level in computers and whether it is compatible with the job role expectation and the computer programs you are comfortable using. Therefore, it is a great idea to research the company’s programs for their general operation.

Answer: I am familiar with the computer programs and skills required for general office operations. I am familiar with Microsoft Office, and in my previous employment, I was taking care of routine company website updates and am quite comfortable with WordPress. For starting any new program, I usually look online for tutorials.

Are you willing to work overtime?

The answer can differ from individual to individual. If you are not willing to work overtime, state your answer accordingly. If you can work overtime, then you can set certain limits and also state your conditions. There are many companies where if you are not working over time, it even costs your job. Even committing cannot keep or allow you to be in a position where sacrificing the family’s welfare for the job is not acceptable. You are looking for a job that can match up to your availability.

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Answer: You can mention working overtime a few times a month. Always keep a heads up to rearrange my plans. I can also do the same day over time, but it will be nice to get a day’s notice.

Describe your job duties delivered by you in your previous employment while working as a secretary, executive assistant, and receptionist?

Here the interviewer wants to look at the responsibilities you have listed in your resume, and you need to confirm that you are quite fit for the position offered to you. It is an excellent opportunity for expanding the points that you have already highlighted in your work experience.

Answer: Being the receptionist, I was the company’s face and was the first person to interact with the clients. I used to handle the general phone lines as well the phones for the company’s VPS. In addition, I was also in charge of receiving the packages and escorting and greeting clients, distributing emails and identifying vendors, and keeping up with the company’s email address and other general tasks. In addition to the above responsibilities, I handled the VP’s calendars, managed their business travel, and helped refine and create the PowerPoint presentations and various other general duties. 

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