What is CBD?


CBD stands for cannabidiol, an active ingredient in cannabis-derived from the hemp plant. Hemp is often confused with marijuana hence the stigma surrounding CBD. Though coming from the same family, these two plants are very different. 


Considered to be non-intoxicating; so individuals will not get high when consuming it, and while the effects may vary from person to person. CBD is said to provide general benefits in moderating one’s stress levels, appetite, sleep, immune function, and more


As a result, it’s no wonder that the beauty world and local bar industry have embraced this trend here in Hong Kong by offering CBD skincare products, beers, and now, coffee. So if you’re looking for a caffeine fix that could put your mind at ease, consider trying a CBD-infused beverage offered at one of these cafes and coffee shops compiled by Time Out magazine.


Elephant Grounds


Based in Wan Chai, any bona fide cafe-hopping enthusiast should be no stranger to Elephant Grounds. Their vast array of food and drink offerings never disappoint, but if you’re feeling curious about CBD, Elephant Grounds gives you the option to add water-soluble CBD to whatever you’re sipping. Be it a green smoothie or a cup of locally-roasted coffee; you can opt to add drops of Life’s liquid CBD to enhance your drink. The liquid mixes well with most beverages and adds a subtle sweetness.


Elephant Grounds has four branches that offer all-day dining, including an impressive lineup of cocktails that feature some of the finest java. The Espressotini is a mixture of Belvedere vodka, Kirin whisky, Kahlua and espresso, and can have you buzzing all day and night.

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Nestled in the leafy Sheung Wan’s Po Hing Fong neighbourhood, on Tai On Terrace, Found is Hong Kong’s very first exclusively CBD themed cafe’ and boutique store. With minimalist ultra modern branding, white walls and glass doors inviting you in to enjoy a carefully curated selection of high-quality CBD and hemp-derived products. 


Here you can browse through a range of high-quality CBD oils and tinctures, capsules, body lotions and balms, pre-packaged snacks and drinks. Along with their recently released range of highly chewable chocolate chip cookies and luxury crafted CBD chocolates plus other items, including pet-friendly things like CBD-infused dog treats. They are all made with cannabidiol, the hemp-derived chemical compound that is non-psychoactive and associated with many therapeutic properties. 


The cafe offers a wide selection of drinks and tasty nibbles, including delicious chewable cookies and super stylish chocolates that are all CBD-infused. It also features a retail concept store that offers an exclusive range of CBD products from brands including Felix & Co and Life. 


If you would like to learn more about CBD its benefits (and limitations), speak to their knowledgeable staff, who can help you understand CBD, and you can also visit their website

Coffee Analog


Serving coffee by day and whisky by night, Coffee Analog is a stylish and cosy cafe-slash-bar tucked away in Prince Edward. Its wooden fixtures and soft lighting create a laid back ambience that will make you feel as though you’re a world away from the hustle and bustle. Put down an order for their Aeropress CBD coffee and match it with the shop’s signature chiffon cakes for a relaxing afternoon.

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Run by online liquor retailer Malt Cask, you can expect over a hundred bottles of independently bottled whiskies and brands that will tickle any whisky enthusiast.


Winstons Coffee


Winstons Coffee is a go-to coffee spot for those around the Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy Town area. This trendy coffee joint boasts some well-brewed classic coffee. We highly recommend trying their CBD cold brew, infused with 1ml of OTO CBD’s non-alcoholic cocktail bitters. It contains a unique blend of bitter orange, bergamot, lemongrass, liquorice, cinnamon, cacao, and cardamom, to give the drink an extra fruity edge.


You can easily spot Winstons Coffee on Queen’s Road West by its black facade and retro cinema sign. This trendy coffee joint boasts some well-brewed classic coffee, has some innovative snacks – acai bowls, biltong, flaxseed power bites, matcha tarts and focaccia – and encourages day drinking by serving cocktails from 11 am onwards.



For non-coffee drinkers who want to get in on the CBD action, Matchali is the place to be. This homegrown matcha brand sources their tea from Uji, Kyoto – known to be the birthplace and capital of matcha – to bring matchaholics a refreshing selection of healthy, handcrafted drinks. For a wholesome boost of health, grab a drink infused with the Reset Bioscience THC-free nano-liposome CBD tincture that’s designed for both hot and cold beverages. Matchali has no permanent shop set up yet, but you can visit any one of their regular pop up stores in and around the city. 


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Please remember these are unusual times, so please always check before heading out to any of the cafes’ listed here.

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