Buying Bitcoin

In today’s time, cryptocurrency has become a currency that is attracting people to invest. Although it can be risky, in a few cases you can gain ten times the profit on initial investment with it. Bitcoin ranks first worldwide in terms of cryptocurrency investment. Although it is much more mutable than stocks and bonds, you can make a fair amount if you have a thorough knowledge of investing in bitcoin. But most expert experts say that if you have just ventured into crypto, you should not invest more than 2% of your investment portfolio. To know more about bitcoin trading, you may consider listening to Bitcoin Trading Podcast .

How to Buy Bitcoins (BTC)

Like other cryptos, there are four ways to buy BTC which are listed below.

  1. Buying the bitcoin (BTC)

First, you need to decide how BTC can be purchased. And whether there are a few different ways to purchase it. You can easily purchase BTC from crypto exchanges like Coinbase.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Crypto trading is facilitated by crypto exchanges for a wide heterogeneity of properties. Including digital currencies and fiat currencies.  Such platforms can act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, and at the same time gain money through transaction fees and commissions.

  1. Storing bitcoins 

First, you need to decide which wallet you want to use to store your BTC. Cold wallet or hot wallet.

Advantages of a Cold Wallet

It is an offline encryptable Equipment where BTC can be downloaded easily, you can take the device somewhere in the world. Whenever you create a digital wallet account, it is important to ensure that the passwords are strong. If seen in comparison to hot wallet, cold wallet has come out in a more safe form and at the same time this wallet is also offline. On the other hand, the cost of cold wallets is very high and you will need to keep your device with you if you are looking to transact routinely.

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Advantages of a Hot wallet

If you amass your crypto in a hot wallet, your property is stored in the cloud or provider by trusted exchanges. Each trading exchange comes with a complimentary hot wallet where each of your BTC is automatically amassed. If you want to store your BTC in a wallet, you can download an application. These are free apps where you can keep your property securely.

  1. Buying bitcoins

You can buy as many BTC as you want by using the rule given in the first step. After you have linked the wallet to the exchange, then select a BTC amount. If we talk about the price of one BTC, it costs around $40,000, which can make it a bit difficult for everyone to buy a round-number amount. On the other hand, crypto can be bought in fractions where you can easily buy the amount you want.

  1. Manage your bitcoins

Manage this financial property by making a long-term plan. If you want to uphold your cryptocurrency investments, one of the easiest ways is to keep track of the crypto market and sell out your BTC when the value is enhanced. However, if you think that the currency may see significant growth in the coming years, hold your BTC in the long run as well.  


It is a process that validates each transaction as well as adds all those transactions to the blockchain. Anyone can easily mine BTC with a mining pool and advisable hardware. However, one thing you always need to keep in mind is that the more miners that are present, the more difficult it can be to maintain production in a safe manner. Naturally, when this happens, the price of BTC goes up.