Home Repairs

Home repairs don’t all come with the same level of urgency. Some can be put off for a few months without worrying that they’ll become more severe. Others will worsen when left and a few are more urgent. This latter type should be resolved sooner to avoid major issues. Here are four home repairs that should be considered more urgent. 

1. Roofing Problems

A roof that’s bowing down or looks visibly damaged is a major concern. A roofing contractor like Rock Solid Exteriors should be hired to assess how bad the damage is. From there, you’ll have a better idea of how to proceed. Alternatively, when a roof has been damaged from a storm with shingles on the floor below, there is a gap in the roof’s protection system. The wind from a storm has likely dislodged them. They’ll need to be replaced before the next storm, to avoid water getting inside the roofing structure. It could eventually work its way down through the attic to the living space below if left as it is. 

2. Broken Water Pipe

Winter can be brutal on pipes. Sometimes, they crack in freezing temperatures. It depends on where the pipe is located as to how essential it is. Perhaps a valve was closed off, temporarily shutting down water flow to nearby areas, but the rest of the house was unaffected? Replacing the burst or broken pipe is necessary. Any water damage needs to be sorted out before it causes mildew or mold to develop. Also, if burst pipes are a persistent problem, consider getting insulation added to the pipes while the West Chester OH plumber is there. It can raise their temperature sufficiently to avoid pipes bursting in colder weather. Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

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3. Furnace Troubleshooting

When the home’s furnace has been giving trouble since the temperatures have dropped, it’s a cause for concern. One of the more common issues is a troublesome pilot light that keeps going out. Needing to reignite it is a pain when it’s late at night. Elsewhere, a sensor, switch, or wire could be causing the panel to light up with warnings. If you’re experiencing a variety of issues with the furnace, it’s best to get a professional to attend and service it. They may need to clean certain parts or replace them entirely to rectify the issue. This way, you won’t ever have to sit in the cold unnecessarily.

4. Replacing Broken Windows or Resealing Old Ones

A broken window or a crack in one windowpane is manageable for a short time but, ultimately, it needs to be replaced. It can pose a security issue if it could be easily removed. Alternatively, with older windows where it became obvious during winter that there is an air leak, it’s important to fix this. Add caulking solution around the window to reseal it. Once fully cured, hold a hand up to the affected area to check for drafts.

Discerning the more urgent home repairs and maintenance from less pressing ones is a necessary skill for homeowners. Getting it wrong can create additional problems.