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Blockchains are the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This article provides you with 11 critical takeaways every business person should know. It helps you understand why you should care about blockchain technology, whether your company wants to use it or needs to respond to it.

1. It’s About Trust and Record-Keeping

A blockchain is a ledger that records transactions decentralized and permanently. There’s no single authority that owns or controls the data on the blockchain, so there are no middlemen involved when users exchange information, money, goods, and services. Instead, the information is shared on a ledger duplicated across thousands of computers worldwide.

2. It’s Secure and Transparent

The information stored in a blockchain can be accessed by anyone who has been granted access to it. Still, once you add sensitive information, such as credit card data or personally identifiable information (PII), only the users who have been granted access to that information can see it.

3. It’s Fast

Blockchain transactions are much faster than traditional transfers because the intermediaries aren’t involved. The block creation and completion time are 10 minutes versus days or weeks with paper-based systems. Also, Intelligent contracts save users time because they automate the process. For better insight, you can visit

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4. It’s Not Anonymous. But it is Transparency

The blockchain contains a record of every transaction that has ever taken place in it, so its ledger is open to anyone who wants to review it. However, all users are anonymous and private; there’s no need to provide your name or email address to use the blockchain, and a random set of numbers only identifies each user.

5. It’s Resilient and Incorruptible

Blockchains are resilient because every transaction has many copies that automatically update in real-time: it becomes part of a permanent record that can’t be erased. Moreover, since no single entity controls the blockchain, it can never be corrupted by hackers or malicious attacks. 

6. It’s Scalable

The technology is new and has seen some growing pains – it gets slow when there are too many transactions on the network at once. However, scalability solutions are in development to solve this problem so that blockchain technologies can grow with a business.

7. It’s a Disruptor

Like many new technologies, the blockchain will disrupt many financial transactions and record-keeping companies. For example, banks may no longer be needed as transfer agents or information verifiers when intelligent contracts on mutual distributed ledgers automate verification processes, and cryptocurrencies provide alternatives to fiat money.

8. It’s Not Just for Financial Transactions

There are many areas where blockchain technology can be used apart from finance. For example, it can manage supply chains by tracking the origin and history of materials or products; patients can store their medical records on blockchains so that health care providers have access to them. Governments can issue property titles on blockchain systems to guarantee their authenticity.

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9. It’s Not Just for Big Businesses

Small companies are also getting into the action – they recognize that if larger companies invest in blockchains, they should because it will affect them one way or another. Blockchain technology will also enable small businesses to grow because it’s secure and scalable enough for even the smallest companies to use.

10. It’s Still in Its Infancy

This technology is so new that businesses are just beginning to understand how to integrate blockchain into their existing systems, let alone develop systems around it. However, this gives small businesses a competitive advantage, creating opportunities for innovation that large companies haven’t had before.

Discussions about its potential benefits are all over the Internet, but there’s a shortage of information about applying it to small businesses. Blockchain has enormous implications for these companies because they are more adaptable than larger organizations. As a result, they can take advantage of this opportunity to gain competitive advantages that even the most prominent companies don’t have.

Blockchain technology is quickly becoming part of the everyday business vocabulary, but many people still aren’t sure what it is or how to apply it to their operations. Here are ten things you should know about blockchain technology and how it can impact you as a small business owner.

It’s Not Just Bitcoin

Most people think of cryptocurrencies when they hear the term “blockchain,” but its implications are far-reaching – this technology isn’t just for financial transactions; it has applications in supply chain management, health care, public records, and many other areas.

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