06 Best Yoga Poses to Heal Back Pain

Whether it has been a recent discovery or a life-long chronic pain, yoga has the qualities that can transform your painful life into an easy-going journey. If you experience any back issues, practicing various yoga poses for back pain is a perfect choice for you.

With an all-around development, yoga practice strengthens the muscles, makes the body more flexible, and improves the mental state of being. You can practice various poses for back pain to have life-changing benefits from it. Have a look at some fitness yoga poses that you should try.

Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain:-

1. Downward-Facing Dog

It is a great way to stretch your lower back muscles, hamstrings, and calves. Starting with being in a push-up stance, lift your hips high in the air keeping legs straight while all the weight is to be placed on the feet and hands. The position of your neck should be relaxed, hanging between your arms. Or you can look up toward your stomach. From arms to your legs, you keep a tight posture so that the stress inbuilt in the muscles could be released.

2. Child’s Pose

While performing this pose, you sit on your legs by folding them. It helps to take off the pressure from your lower back. When you lean forward, you can feel a deep stretch in your upper back muscles, decompressing the spine.  It provides a natural curve to the back, and help in re-aligning the spine.

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3. Cat/Cow

When you practice this pose, you experience a flexion or extension in the spine, which results in better mobility of the surrounding muscles. The collected stress and tension are released from the back muscles. Therefore, it could a great choice for you if you want to practice yoga poses for back pain since no pressure is there on the back while performing this particular pose.

4. Sphinx Pose

Lying on your back, you place the bodyweight on your elbows and face forward to have a nice stretch in your back muscles. Also, you engage your hips muscles, thighs, and calves for a better posture and balance throughout the pose. Also, you engage the core muscles to have a better abdominal strength required for practicing various other yoga poses.

5. Reclined Supine Twist

Hug your knees while lying on the floor and drop the knees to the one side while your spine should stay in touch with the floor. The twisting motion of the spine decompresses it and relaxes it by releasing all the burden from it. However, if you feel discomfort when you perform this pose, you need to stop. 

6. Baby Cobra

You lift your torso to keep your support on the arms, and shoulders. There is a stretching of chest muscles, abdominal area, and arms muscles. While practicing baby cobra, try to keep your shoulder away from your ears, so as not to have any discomfort in your upper back muscles.

7. Legs Up The Wall

Lying on the floor nearby a wall, lift your legs to support them against the wall. Keeping your legs straight for some time, you begin to feel a burning sensation in your hamstrings. It is one of the great yoga poses for back pain to de-stress, decompress your back, and to let blood flow to your brain. It improves digestion and body posture. 

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If you want to learn more, you can join a yoga fitness center to have a better understanding of various poses. You witness an amazing change in your posture, body composition if you make the practice your daily routine.

Yoga for back pain poses tremendous benefits for everyone. From keeping your spine healthy and naturally aligned to decompressing it from time to time, it has everything you need for a healthy life.


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