Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy all over the world and is proved to be beneficial in every way. An efficient way to reduce stress, pain, and anxiety, massage therapy also provides you relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and soul. Apart from providing relaxation, massage therapy also improves the immunity system, decreases the heart rate and blood pressure, and also eases stress. Apart from this, massage therapy also addresses how these conditions affect the human body when it comes to healing and function. Well, there are not one but many benefits of massage therapy and it surely proved to be beneficial especially during the time of this pandemic when there is stress all around and all you need is a relaxing massage to ease all your pains. Here are some benefits of a massage and why it is important to ease your body and mind at least once a month. 


Easing Pain: It is demonstrated by medical research that the efficacy of a massage when it comes to addressing pain relief is very high. Massaging as a process involves the release of endorphins which not only allows the body to feel good but regular massages also help people suffering from various problems of back pain, neck pain, chronic fatigue, and other similar ailments. Massage helps alleviate the pain in many ways which also means that you do not have to be entirely dependent on medication for some relief. 


Improved Sleep: With mental stress comes a lot more other problems that do not let a person live a healthy life and one of the major effects of anxiety and depression is deprived sleep. A good sleeping pattern is important to lead a healthy life as that is the time when the body heals, rebuilds, and refreshes itself. A relaxing massage session helps to reduce your anxiety and discomfort and helps in getting a person back on a healthy sleep schedule. 

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Relieving Inflammation: Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis, and bursitis can benefit from the loosening and relaxing of massages during a massage session. Apart from relieving inflammation, soothing massage therapy also helps in improving flexibility in the joints and allows them to move freely. 


Better Concentration: The calming effects of a massage can promote the focus and concentration of the mind and body. After a relaxing massage session, a body can improve productivity, ensure sharper thinking, and increased creativity. This not only helps you focus on your work but also creates a work-life balance that surely helps in the long run. 


Post-Op Physical Therapy: Believe it or not, but many hospitals have also introduced massage therapy as a part of the physical therapy routine to help the patient improve in rehab and also recovering from the trauma of surgery. This not only helps the patients recover in a short period of time but the recovery involved is positive and the patients really benefit from a massage. 


Cellulite Removal: Yet another benefit or use of massage is that it can help stimulate fibroblast activity and break down adipocyte activity. This simultaneously helps in lessening the presence of cellulite and is also believed to contribute to overall weight loss


Stress Relief: It has been scientifically proven that massage helps in a great way to alleviate stress. Relieving massage therapy helps in lowering cortisol in the body and increasing serotonin and dopamine that leads to lowering the blood pressure and lessening the feeling of anxiety. Regular massages can also help in improving emotional well-being and making one feel more nurtured. 

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Treatment For Lymphedema: In many surgical procedures like removing lymph nodes, or treating cases of blood clots and other injuries, a massage can be used to move waste fluids away from the affected area. A skilled therapeutic massage can ensure proper waste drainage in case a patient is suffering from advanced lymphedema that can cause depression and immobility. 


Harmony Of Body And Mind: A healthy body contributes to the healthy functioning of the brain and vice versa. Poor mental and emotional issues can affect the functioning of the body through anxiety, high blood pressure, and stress. Therefore, a massage relieves you of all the worries and prepares you to face challenges with positivity. 

Well, if you are thinking alike, Father’s Day is just around the corner and one of the best ways to surprise your father is to give him a massage session that will relieve him of all the worries and give him a soothing break that he deserves and it will also prove to be one of the best and effective Father’s Day gifts he ever received.

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