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Have you ever seen a cloth whose label doesn’t say “Hang To Dry ”. It is rare. You must have also thought – “do I really need to hang it to dry? Doesn’t throwing my clothes in the dryer work?” 

Today, we are going to answer these questions along with – Why should you avoid drying your clothes in washing machines? Why is hang dry perfect for garments? And the right way to do so. 

Let’s start:

Why Hang Dry Your Clothes?

Hang drying your clothes helps in avoiding the heat damage that is caused by the traditional dryers. Delicate fabrics like underwear, jeans, and activewear, will lose their fit and shape because of the heat and harsh tumbling of your washing machine dryers. By air drying your clothes on an outdoor clothes drying rack helps in maintaining their fitting, forms and keeping them in a newly bought condition. 

A Rule of Thumb: if your clothes are made from synthetic material, lace, or wool, make sure to double-check their label to ensure they are hanging dry items. Although there are very few such clothes, it’s always good to recheck everything. 

How To Hang Dry In The Right Way?

Before washing your new clothes, make sure to read the care label and laundry them accordingly. The label will guide you to the right method of cleaning and drying the clothes- be it by hand or washing machine with warm, cold, or hot water. If you are done reading the label, washing them, and moving forward to dry your apparel, here are some tips that you should consider.

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Tips For Drying Your Clothes On An Outdoor Clothes Drying Rack:

  • Pants: Always hang your pants upside down. Join their legs and then place your jeans on the hand of your outdoor clothes drying rack. 
  • Tops and shirts: You should also hang them the same way as your pants – upside down. Place your clothespins at the opposite end of your shirt’s bottom hem. Then pin them to your clothesline.
  • Socks: Hang your clothes upside down and in pairs. Attract a clothespin on the toe and make sure the top part hangs down.
  • Bed linens: Since blankets and sheets require lots of space, you must fold them in half and clothespin each end and hang them on your laundry rack.

Tips For Drying Your Garments Inside:

  • Lay down your garments on a flat surface and turn on your ceiling fan. This method dries clothes very quickly.
  • Make sure you have enough space between your garments so that air can be properly circulated between them. (A wet pile of apparel will be the same for a long time because air-drying isn’t ventilation.
  • You can also dry your clothes by hanging them near your vent, window, or AC.
  • Space, where you plan to dye your clothes, must be far away from electric circuits. It’s important for the purpose of safety. 
  • If you are hanging drying your clothes in your bathroom, make sure the drying rack is close to the window and sunlight drops straight to it.

Final Words

We hope now you got your answer to why you should prefer hanging drying your clothes rather than just throwing them in your dryer. Just to remind you – there are two ways of drying your clothes; indoor and outdoor. Wherever you are drying your clothes, whether inside or outside, make sure to consider the tips given above. They will help you maintain the quality of your clothes for a long time. 

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Also, if you enjoy reading this blog, make sure to share it with all your friends and acquaintances. Help them keep their clothes in a new condition too.


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