Digital Marketing

Surely browsing through social networks you have heard or seen advertising of the aforementioned Digital Marketing, this tool that for a few years has achieved a revolution and that today remains the favorite when it comes to growing businesses and companies. In this post, we want to help you know the benefits of having a Digital marketing company in New York and the importance of your business, but before we get to that point, we must first know its basic concepts, so you can better understand all the information we are about to provide you. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is known as a strategic tool that allows us to increase our online presence, for this, each the companies makes a certain marketing effort in the Digital environment. 

Elements such as Inbound Marketing, Interactive Marketing, and all that relationship with customers online, are methods that can be grouped within what is defined as Digital Marketing. 

The advent of the Internet provided marketing specialists with a set of tools (videos, campaigns, podcasts, emails and others), which facilitate the work of reaching many more people. With the arrival of the pandemic this digital trend accelerated and thanks to that today we see so many promotions on the aforementioned Digital Marketing.  

The presence of these tools is so great that most companies are already investing in adapting to all the changes, because not having a presence on the online platform can generate a huge loss to the competition thanks to features that are only present in the online world. 

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Understanding this is essential to know the importance of what Digital Marketing represents today for the stability of a business. 

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

With marketing you are looking for great results, that is the expectation that you have when you decide to opt for the tool. Throughout the years, Digital marketing has generated a high level of fame thanks to the success rate that this tool presents thanks to the application of its strategies. 

  • A survey conducted in New York companies revealed the following: 
  • A total of 82% of users search for products online before purchasing them.
  • 79% of Americans make a portion of their purchases online.
  • Spending generated by the implementation of digital marketing strategies in the U.S. will increase significantly by 2023.

Surely at this point, you are wondering what is the gain that companies and consumers receive from changing their relationships with digital platforms? We will provide you with a list of results that companies can get when applying Digital Marketing strategies. 


Carrying out promotions for a company or business through conventional media such as television or newspapers can be very expensive. 

On the other hand, with digital marketing, you can apply various strategies that provide lasting results and are much more profitable. Allowing you to continue to reach many leads over the years, just with social networks.

Ease of monitoring

Unlike what happens with offline marketing, in which it is very difficult to know exactly how many people were able to interact with your promotional material, with online platforms the possibilities are different.

Every time a person decides to click on your link, visit your website or generate interaction with any media, they leave a browsing history that allows you to know which were the things that really caught their attention and which were not. All this information can be compiled by specialists in this area and generate more efficient methods to promote the brand.  

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In this sense, it is much easier for companies to learn from their mistakes and improve more attractive solutions in Digital Marketing over the years. 

Building a reputation for your brand

Another good reason why it is recommended to invest in Digital Marketing is thanks to the reputation you generate. Nowadays people do not make a purchase without researching products on the internet. This is why you need to learn about local SEO services in New York

The way in which the world of consumers moves has changed and in turn the marketing strategies that were used. Generating good relationships with consumers through the Internet allows you to create a solid image of your company, this will allow them to feel more confident when making decisions and making a purchase. 

Marketing that is used to generate content is a great tool that can be applied by companies that need to start building their reputation on online platforms. These tools allow you to generate three times more customers than other more expensive tools such as paid advertising. 

Impact more people

Even when a good offline marketing strategy is implemented, companies still have a big problem and that is that the number of people reached by the information is still very limited. 

The power of the internet allows your marketing efforts to reach many more areas, people who are even outside your country or region. 

If you want to expand your horizons a good digital marketing strategy is an excellent idea. 

It makes it easy to make adjustments

When campaigns are carried out, many times they do not succeed because of the rejection or little interest they receive from users, while this can be improved by taking advantage of customer feedback about a brand. 

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Having to replace a promotional item can be very costly, especially if modifications must be made for better changes. On the other hand, with Digital Marketing it is possible to have better control over the quality offered by companies. 

Having feedback allows you to improve the results at any time by applying strategies avoiding that this impacts in any way on the total cost of its implementation. 

Ensure the survival of your business

Building a business can be a difficult job, but keeping it going over the years presents many challenges and is a real challenge. The advancement of technology is the daily price a business has to pay to stay afloat And one of the key points is to hire the right company in New York for social media marketing. 

The Internet allows new generations, and new consumers, so this allows to increase in a considerable way all the possibilities to continue maintaining success in the long term. 

It has been proven that 58% of adults (between 18 and 29) use Instagram on a recurring basis. People on average spend at least 20 minutes a day on Facebook. 86% of women check reviews on social networks before making a purchase. 

In BD Grow we understand the importance of Digital Marketing, we know what this implies for companies and therefore we are committed to offering you the best services so that you and your business can continue to stay in the game and can continue to expand over the years.  We have professionals who are evolving day by day, as well as social networks and the online world in general.  Have a presence in the digital world and social networks to generate all the sales and growth you need for your business. Do not hesitate and write to us, in BD Grow we are waiting for you