When Should You Consider Replacing Your Traditional Water Heater With A Tankless One

Is there anything worse than showering in ice-cold water? If you’ve experienced it, you’re definitely going to say “no.” Indeed, it’s the worst feeling ever. Of course, if you’re thinking it’s a bit too dramatic to say so, then you probably never had to pour cold water on your body. In any case, having reliable access to hot water is of the utmost importance in prevalently cold nations. If you’ve been dealing with water temperature issues, you’ll need to change your water heater, and you’ll also need a plumber in Sacramento to install the machine. Now, when it’s about replacing the water heater, there aren’t any better options in the market other than the ones that don’t have tanks. These technologically augmented machines work better than their conventional counterparts, and this write-up will tell you why you need one.

Scalding while showering

Water heaters without tanks don’t adhere to the thermal stacking system, which often leads to scalding. Numerous homeowners burned their skin while bathing due to conventional heaters. Thermal stacking is more of a phenomenon that happens when water heaters pull heater water from the attached tank in short bursts repetitively. While doing so at great speed, the heater will flush cold water to the tank’s vase. When the heater senses the presence of cold water, it will activate the heating element of the tank to heat it. The problem with this process is that it ends up heating the already hot water present at the tank’s top. Sometimes, the temperature goes high enough to scald your skin. Of course, you won’t have to worry about this issue if you purchase a tankless heater and get it installed by a plumber in Rancho Cordova.

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Running out

What if you keep running out of hot water constantly? If you encounter such a situation, you shouldn’t think you’re the only one dealing with it. Water heating systems without tanks can be the perfect solution to this issue. These machines use electrical components that will heat the water only when you want it to. They don’t store water, and they don’t keep it pre-heated, either. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about refilling it after depletion. Instead, it will keep supplying you with hot water tirelessly. In short, tankless water heaters will never go empty, which is a problem associated with traditional water heaters.

High energy bills

Even the best Plumber in Sacramento will charge a higher price for installing a tankless water heater compared to the traditional ones. However, the technology powering these new-age machines makes them more advanced and efficient. You only need to pay a relatively high initial price, but if you compare the operation and maintenance-related expenses of a tankless heater to a conventional heater, you’ll realize how pocket-friendly the former is. Traditional machines have to keep heating the water stored in the tank constantly to maintain an elevated temperature. Tankless water heaters don’t have to do the same, and so they can help you curtail your energy bills.

No extra space

Finally, you should purchase a water heater without a tank if you don’t have a lot of space to spare in your house. These machines don’t need a tank. Naturally, they won’t occupy a lot of space. If you can’t provide enough space to the plumber in Rancho Cordova to install a traditional heater, you should go for one of those tankless variants. They feature compact and efficient designs. They also tend to be quite flexible, and you can make them work in virtually every style of residential environment. If you wish to know more about these modern water heaters, you should contact a reputable and reliable plumbing company operating in your area.

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