L1 Visa Application

After months and months of waiting, the application you filed for an L1 Visa is finally approved. And now that it is in processing to be issued or is now in your hands, you probably have been thinking about what would you do next. Instead of celebrating it, there are a few things you should also prepare for as you are now provided an entry to the United States.

According to Ashoori Law, it will take up to 3 to 4 months before your application gets approved. And after that, you would probably be preparing to depart for the USA. But what if you want to know the things you should do thereafter? Well, there are some things that you should check after your visa gets approved.

Without any further ado, let us now enumerate the things you should be checking right after you receive your L1 Visa. 

1. The Validity

The very first thing you should do is to check the validity period of your visa. Most people fail to see it and take note of the date resulting in different problems in the near future. It is also important to coordinate with your employer as the visa you are holding now is an employment-based one that will terminate as soon as you are fired from your work. 

As soon as everything is settled upon receiving your L1 Visa, it is highly recommended that you fly as soon as possible.

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2. Employment Authorization

It is imperative to know that you cannot have another job or be employed by another company or employer. The current visa you have is only available for the position you indicated upon request or application. If there are any changes, it is necessary to let the USCIS know about it or file another L-1 Petition to change it.

3. Pack Your Things

After checking the validity and employment authorization, let us proceed in identifying the typical ones you need to do after receiving approval. Mostly, people start to leave several days after their Visa is done as they have compiled every requirement for them to fly overseas.

It is important to pack the necessary things you will be needed when traveling. Such as clothes and other personal items that you want to bring. Remember to not bring unnecessary things as it may provide you inconvenience and might be a cause of having your flight delayed.

4. Self-Assessment for Green Card

As early as now, you should also assess whether you would like to gain permanent residence there. Even if it is too early to decide for that, it is best to prepare also with coordination with your employer to lessen the hassle of applying.

In case you have already planned on applying for it in which case there is a sudden circumstance in your workforce, you can always change your mind about it. It is just better to be ready as early as possible to avoid being shocked by the things you will be needing.

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5. Other Requirements

Documents are fundamental papers you will be needing when you are going abroad. It does not only provide you access to your flight, but it will be the things you will be needing as proof for future events such as the extension of the visa, applying for a green card, or filing another L-1 petition. Make sure that every document you need is with you and is ready.

6. Coordinate with your Employer

The last and most important thing is to coordinate with your company. Some people do not update their employer upon receiving their L1 Visa that leads to problems regarding their departure from the original company.

By informing your employer about it, they will say something about your departure and ensure your position in the United States. It is also important to follow what your company wants for you to have no problems regarding your employment there. As soon as they want you to go there once you have completed your documents, you should be ready about what the future holds for you there.


Checking the papers you have after your application has been approved is a must. Reading everything from the documents will help you regarding your work and departure. Once everything is settled, inform your employer to clarify things up and to receive updates about your work there.


Once they have finally decided for you to depart from the origin country, you are now prepared for it.

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