What is the concept of airplane gambling?

Every gambler would be familiar with airplane poker. It is a new kind of social multiplayer game consisting of an increasing curve that can crash anytime. When the round starts, a scale of multiplier starts growing. You must cash out before the lucky plane flies away. ️Aviator is a game with high returns, and most gambling operators exclude it from promos.

Airplane game is a kind of betting game, which has been gaining popularity in the gambling industry. In this racket, players need to gamble on a fixed ladder chart, and to cash out before the plane crashes. The idea was first published by Charles Bourseul in 1868 in Paris. It was also known as airplane betting or croupier’s game and was popular throughout Europe during the 19th century. The headquarters of this game were Paris Casino Vienna Casino, Monte Carlo Hotel and Ozone Casino.

The concept of this gambling game spread like wildfire to Russia and the United States (aka Las Vegas). A few years ago, in 2009 many online casinos began to offer it. There is a significant difference with the original game. The main point of difference is that the duration of the round might crash, and not always it has a number. The total winning rate per round is significantly higher than that of the original game.

Some players are looking for a new kind of strategy to succeed in this game and find out what makes this game unique? We know an already approved strategy method for regular gambling games, which can be applied to certain parts and are easily adaptable to each type of bet. Airline poker has its own peculiarities, which make it impossible to apply any general strategies as we know them today.

The main point of interest of this kind of game is that in certain situations players are happy to lose their chips, because they will have better chances of success on the next journey. There is also a very high probability that the game will crash due to the development of the curve and lead to big losses among players. These rules can be applied in all parts of betting: bets per line, bets on banknotes, etc.

Airplane poker would be difficult for many new players who are not familiar with this type of game. To understand what the meaning behind this airport poker is, we first need to know more about its history and how does its operation work.

Charles Bourseul was a French civil engineer, who invented the first auction-based betting game. This is a game where players have to predict the outcome of an auction. The unique thing about this game is that there is no way for players to win this game. His goal was to create a system that could be used in gambling. It has been said that Charles Bourseul passed away in 1952 in his home at the age of 93 years old.

When it comes to Daniel Negreanu, he became the player with more titles and honours than any other player in history (10 WSOP gold bracelet wins, 2 WPT wins and one victory at EPT). Negreanu was born in Romania. He started playing poker during his university days but didn’t like the rules of professional poker and left it. He then turned to the games of craps and blackjack, but when he had enough money, he decided to try the game of Bourseul.

Charles Bourseul developed his own version of the game in which there is a possibility for players to cash out their chips each round. The initial cash-out rate starts at 50% and reaches 100% after each round’s completion. This will make Aviator one of the riskiest online gambling games today.


Aviator was developed with the help of Negreanu. This betting game has a lot of special rules, and its main feature is that it is a very risky betting game with high returns. Unfortunately, their bets can also crash any time after the round begins. The main objective when playing this game is to try to predict the development curve accurately, so you can cash out in time. This will be difficult for most players at first and might take some time to get used to it. However, if you are one of those players who likes risky games, then you should definitely play this newly launched game of casino online free with no deposit required. It is now offered in top online casinos