How Western Style Jackets Are Now a Fashion Statement in 2022

Clothing in the style Western Jackets derives its style from clothing worn by cowboys, cowgirls, and explorers during the Wild West period. There are several kinds of western clothing, ranging from historic reproductions of frontier clothing to stylized clothing popularized by Hollywood Western films and television or singer cowboys like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers in the 1940s and 1950s. Among those associated with country music or the western lifestyle, such as the Spanish-speaking people of Mexico, it remains a fashion choice in the West and Southwestern United States. Most western attire includes cowboy hats, leather belts, and cowboy boots, as well as shirts with pearl snap closures and accents of vaquero designs.


If you want to put Western in your wardrobe, the most statement piece is the jacket, and for me, the most statement piece is snakeskin, as sported by Nicholas Cage in David Lynch’s Americana epic Wild at Heart. As in this case, Cage really has it right. With an all-black uniform, he lets the jacket be the main attraction, while the collar adds a sense of gum-chewing attitude.

It is also possible to find a desert western jacket, which mimics the look of the deerskin jackets that cowboys and Native Americans wore. When wet, these coats were designed with fringes so they would dry more quickly (do you know about suede protector spray for lads?).


Nowadays, a fringe within reason is okay, just think practically. Will they dip down into your dinner if you have them on your sleeves? Probably. It just looks wrong. The sandy suede is a western Jacket enough on its own. Trim the jacket to just above the waist to give it a more contemporary look.

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As fall/winter approaches, western style is the trend, and urban cowboys possess a natural flair for incorporating this style with purpose and accuracy. The cowboy style is notable for pioneering a number of trends such as cowboy hats, boots, and belts – all while retaining an image of Americana.

Denim Jacket

It would also be a good idea to wear a denim or flannel shirt to evoke the hardwearing nature of western-style (think about fading the check on the latter for a very worn-in look). Don’t wear a white shirt untucked loosely under your western shirt. If you wear it tucked in, you’ll pass the grunge mark and land on the western side. Instead, wear it the way traditional cowboys would, making the shirt longer so they could tuck it in and the fabric doesn’t catch. When they rode horses, they would not pull loose.

Western Jackets fashion for men has evolved since the first cowboys set out for the new frontier. The desire for cultural heritage as well as the modified style has evolved throughout American history due to numerous forces. American men hope to regain a sense of respect for the great outdoors after a global lock-up. In the last decade, western Jacket wear has become more popular than ever before.

Denim Jacket

I believe that the western Jacket fashion has emerged as a significant style indicator for the spring/summer 2022 collections and beyond, as I reviewed the current style trends for men’s leather jacket fashion today.

These homegrown-rugged styles have had a great impact on luxury menswear for modern times in the USA, particularly for younger millennials and Gen Z. There is no doubt that the great American west has inspired a number of menswear icons and experts alike, including celebrities like Lil Nas X and world-renowned luxury menswear brands like Ralph Lauren.

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The western-style design features heavy-duty brass buttons and “W” deco stitching that complete this elevated classic.

This unlined denim jacket is crafted from 100% cotton, making it both warm and durable. This jacket will last for many years thanks to its extra-durable construction.

This jacket is ideal for wearing when going out to lunch with friends, or at a backyard barbeque – easy to dress up or down.

Western Leather Jacket

The western leather jacket has long been revered by men the world over, from James Dean to Jay-Z. It provides a stylish and confident look for men who want to look cool and sophisticated. The leather jacket is hard-wearing by nature, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and motorcyclists alike because it is effective at preventing road rash. In time, it became ingrained in modern style and culture, fading into the background.

In terms of style, there are five main kinds of premium western leather jackets for men: the biker, the bomber, the racer, the flight, and the field. Each leather jacket is defined by its shape, cut, zipper placement, lining, and collar, making it an inherently versatile piece.  With a variety of colors and cuts to choose from at a wide range of prices, let our list of best men’s western leather jackets be your guide to finding the best jacket for your lifestyle.

Western Leather Jacket

We’ve chosen leather bags that are slightly more expensive than their faux counterparts. The fact that they are resistant to fading also means you will be able to use them for years to come. This guide goes into more detail about proper leather care. But first, we’ll look at the best men’s leather jackets on the market. Learn more about our process of testing style products right here.

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Two chest pockets with snap closures; Two zippered upper pockets with two lower welt pockets; hidden interior pocket for added storage; center front zipper; two chest pockets with snap closures; two front pockets with snap closures; center front zipper.

The collar stands up with a zipper detail; the shoulder epaulets snap; the cuffs and hem are ribbed for comfort and durability

The faux deer leather is water resistant, which gives it extra protection. The Sherpa lining gives the jacket extra warmth.


Western Denim Jacket has a ‘good boy’ appeal that looks cool and masculine while still being comfortable, ideal for certain men – and women. Leather has a ‘bad boy’ appeal, but not everyone is into it – denim has a ‘good boy’ appeal while still being comfortable and appealing. Despite the closeness of the fight, it is the western leather jacket who wins this round by unanimous decision.