Myths About Sleep

Sleep is very much important to our body. Just like we charge our mobile when the battery drains up, sleep recharges our body and brain. In simple words, if your body doesn’t get enough sleep it will become sickly and feeble. You will not have the energy to do any work. In this post, we are going to discuss some sleep myths and the real facts. Let’s get started!

  • Myth 1: Your body will get used to less sleep when you follow the same pattern every day. However, the fact here is when you sleep less at night, then you will wake up feeling sleepy the next day and even your mood will get affected the whole day. Your body will eventually become weak, which leads to several health problems. You may also experience fatigue if you don’t have adequate sleep daily. 
  • Myth 2: Another popular myth about sleep is adults should not sleep for more than 5 to 6hrs. But, this is not at all true. Be it adults or kids everybody should have adequate sleep every day i.e. at least 7hrs to 8hrs of sleep. Adults should especially follow a proper sleep routine. Otherwise, this can cause some serious health problems in them. However, some people sleep less but wake up fresh due to genetic mutation.
  • Myth 3: Exercising at night can cause sleep problems. Many people believe that this is true but it is not. Researchers say that exercising during the nighttime will not show any effect on sleep quality. Hence, you can do your workout without any worries during the nighttime. 
  • Myth 4: Feeling bored can make people feel sleepy. However, in reality, feeling tired doesn’t make you feel sleepy. The reason why many people feel sluggish is due to a lack of adequate sleep. If you have proper sleep daily then you will not feel dozy or sluggish during the day. 
  • Myth 5: Sleep more for better health. However, if you sleep for more than 9 hrs every day then it can cause problems like headaches etc.  
  • Myth 6: All that matters is how much you sleep in a day, irrespective of the timings. This is not at all a healthy habit. It can cause several health complications. Remember, nighttime sleep is very important. If you follow irregular sleep patterns, it can cause health problems even though you sleep for 7 to 8hrs daily. 

What causes sleep problems?

  • Poor diet routine is one of the reasons for a sleep problem. Eating food at odd times can cause sleep problems. Not eating healthy food can also cause sleep problems. Avoid eating heavy meals at night as it can cause a kind of discomfort in your stomach while sleeping. 
  • Noise pollution can also cause sleep problems. Remove all the unnecessary electronic devices from your bedroom which create noise to have quality sleep. You should especially keep away your mobile phone while sleeping. 
  • Using the wrong mattress can also cause snooze problems. Hence, it is very important to choose the right mattress.  
  • You should also choose the right lighting for your bedroom to create a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom, as this will help you to fall asleep easily. In short, choosing very bright lights for your bedroom is not a good idea. 
  • Certain health problems can also cause sleep difficulties. Hence, if you have any health problems then do contact a good doctor in your location to avoid sleep quandaries. Some health problems, like sleep apnea and acid reflux, can be relieved with an adjustable bed.
  • Working in different shifts is also one of the reasons behind sleep problems. 

Above all, some of the main things which you should take care of to have a better sleep is checking your mattress. If it is sagging and old then switch to a new one. There are a huge variety of mattresses in the market. 

Some are more durable, a few are comfortable and several are budget-friendly. For example, if you are looking for more durable and comfortable mattresses then choose the memory foam or hybrid, or latex mattresses. 

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