Top 6 CBD Infused Beverages to Try in 2021

We all like to unwind at the end of the day. For many, it equated to enjoying a glass of alcohol or smoking weed while watching TV, reading, or listening to music. But the covid pandemic has led many in search of alternatives to alcohol and weed for relaxation. 

A popular choice that is in vogue is CBD-infused beverages. For the unawares, CBD is a naturally occurring compound extracted from the notorious cannabis or marijuana plants. But because it has trace amounts of THC, it does not cause any high. On the contrary, several health benefits of CBD are getting revealed, leading to its use in various food products.  

The latest use of CBD is in beverages, where it is hailed as the new cranberry. If you are looking to try it, check out our stand-out picks of CBD-infused drinks that are a must-try in 2021. 

1. Kickback Coldbrew  

Like tea addicts, many cannot start their day without the caffeine kick from a hot cup of brewed coffee. But too strong a cup or too much coffee leaves you jittery and nervous.  Put the balance right with these lip-smacking CBD-infused coffee powders. 

Taking a holistic approach, the brand offers gluten-free and vegan coffee derived from the arabica coffee beans of Mexico. You can choose from its medium and dark roasts and brew your coffee!  

Offering you both hot and cold brew options, the brand takes it a step further by offering you choices of different CBD doses. So, next time you are chewing vegan CBD gummies for anxiety, try sipping this CBD-infused coffee. You would be astounded by its calming effect! 

2. Recess Sparkling Water with Hemp Extracts and Adaptogens. 

Sparkling water has been an obsession for many looking to avoid alcoholic beverages. Recess takes it to a new high by infusing it with hemp extracts and adaptogens.  

Available in six flavors, they are low in sugars and calories. With less than 0.3% THC, it has no psychoactive effects. On the contrary, it induces relaxation without drowsiness, elevates mood, and balances stress. The nutrition addition of adaptogens and magnesium works as the perfect complement to CBD.  

With flavors like pomegranate hibiscus, peach ginger, blackberry chai, etc., it is your ultimate choice whenever you crave to decompress and feel calm, relaxed, creative and focused. Above all, its delicious taste will leave you panting for more! 

3. Buddha Teas  

Tea is a popular morning and evening drink with many to kick start their day and as energy-boosters during the day. Buddha Teas earned a high reputation as an organic tea company. But it stood above the crowd when it infused CBD with 0% THC in its teas.  

What makes Buddha teas unique is their bioavailability. Most tea companies use oil-based CBD in their tea that does not properly dissolve in hot water and forms an unpalatable film on top. But the brand offers water-soluble CBD infused in its tea. Hence, you enjoy and reap its benefits and taste to the hilt. Even children can enjoy it without batting an eyelid.  

The tea is available in six interesting flavors that complete itself with CBD golden milk and CBD honey. You can perk up or mellow down anytime you desire.  

4. Zolt 

If you are looking for something convenient and functional, look no further than Zolt. It offers its drinks as powder ‘mixie sticks’. It mimics the grown-up’s mixie sticks but lacks the typical sugar-high. Merely mix the powder in water and reap the balance-inducing, hemp-derived goodness.  

Zolt offers you both hemp CBD isolate and full-spectrum hemp versions. Each unit is Packed with adaptogen and antioxidants and aimed to meet a specific goal like helping you sleep or boost your energy.  With various blends and unique flavors, it opens up the door for experimentation and versatility in enjoying CBD beverages at different times of the day.  

5. Aurora Elixirs  

These flavorful and aromatic CBD-infused sparkling refreshers are crafted from organically and sustainably grown ingredients straight from the Pacific Northwest- the hemp-heaven. The brand is owned by a woman and uses +25mg broad-spectrum hemp extracts to create a few unique flavors or aromatic and botanically inspired beverages.  

They provide a burst of flavors in stand-alone mode and also in cocktails for an out-of-world experience. No matter which way you enjoy its four unique flavors, you are getting the best taste of a cocktail sans its undesirable side effects.  

6. CBD Hemp Soda  

These vintage-inspired sodas with a CBD twist are meant to take every adult back to their childhood with flavors like ‘Orange Cream’ and ‘High Tide Honeydew Melon.’ Crafted from pharmaceutical-grade and sustainably farmed hemp, it lacks THC.  

Available in both classic and wild flavors, it’s almost impossible to taste just one of its flavors. With its out-of-the-world flavors and sensations, it zings well with health buffs since they are hundred percent nut, soy, dairy and gluten-free.  

Procure your bottle today as they diminish at lighting speed from the shop’s racks.  

Wrapping up 

CBD-infused beverages are fast emerging as a fun alternative to other consumption modes. Be it a festive occasion or a solo relaxation time, they are your best friend to enjoy and reap its health benefits. It is bound to be your favorite relaxing drink.  

Chime in below to let us know which one turned your favorite! 




Originally posted 2021-06-16 17:41:18.