Top 5 Penny Stocks to Watch and Add to Your List

While the stock market is a wild ride, smart investments must be done with smart choices. The stock market is all about guessing and figuring out trends.  The biggest shock was the last crypto crash, however, things are back to normal and all-time highs. As per experts, the next few weeks are going to be exciting for trading. There are plenty of hot sectors to watch out for. Which of them should you consider? 

Do you wish to get rich off trading stocks? They come with risks, but the risk is attractive. It’s the art of finding a hidden gem that holds the potential to multiply in value overnight

For beginners investors, the most common trade to start with would be investing in penny stocks which consent to invest with low share prices of less than $1.  However, there are plenty of things to consider while investing in penny stocks. Ask an experienced investor and you’ll come to know that it is essential to review the company’s future potential and fundamentals that help it grow.  

Here are five penny stocks to watch in the second quarter of 2021:

1. Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc.

The future belongs to space! Backed by the market, spaceflight companies are having a good time right now, especially Virgin Galactic. From Elon Musk to Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, several billionaires have been investing in the California-headquartered commercial spacecraft maker.

In the stock market, Virgin Galactic is leading other spaceflight companies. Supported by its recent successful launch, the company is the favorite of many investors, which means it’s a good option to consider. 

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2. Ford Motor Company

If there’s a list of consistent players in the stock market, Ford must be on it. Founded in 1903, the multinational automaker is a reliable name in the motor industry.

When it comes to penny stocks, Ford can be trusted too, at least for a few more weeks. The company has been actively investing in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, giving tough competition to Tesla Inc. 

3. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.

The biggest reason to add AMC to your list: it’s all-time high right now. In January, it went from $3 to $20.

It is predicted that AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. will continue to perform well in the coming weeks. Although several from the mainstream media bash the AMC stock, it is backed by numbers of loyal investors. 

4. Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc.

People are back to normal, so is the sporting goods industry. Dick’s Sporting Goods has all the gear one may need to go out and play, even the investors (wink-wink). With schools reopening, the company’s sales are expected to rise, which will impact its performance in the market.

5. Roblox Corp.

In the modern digital era, technology is the safest investment. Roblox’s pseudo-educational gaming attracts both parents and kids. They think it’s pretty cool. Even when the schools are reopening, online education will remain a part of student’s lives. It makes Roblox Corp. a great option to consider.

These are some of the popular penny stocks to watch. They may take the market by storm in the near future. While investing, look for big movers, notice the trends, and stay educated. These are some of the popular penny stocks to watch and the Dow Jones today offers great opportunities for new investors. 

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