Six Tips To Improving Your Law Firm’s Phone Intakes

There is a reason every legal website prominently displays its telephone number. A law firm’s phone intakes are one of the most vital channels feeding its revenue stream. When a person calls up a firm, it means that the marketing strategy has been half successful. All the promotional techniques used by the agency have encouraged the individual to make a phone call to the firm. Whether it is traditional advertising or focused law firm internet marketing, the tactics have motivated the person to dial your practice. However, it is now up to the human resources of your firm to convert those leads into clients. Attorneys need to have a proper strategy for conducting conversations with callers. Having a pre-planned approach helps in successfully negotiating with all kinds of people. The following are a few actionable tips to create a plan that will positively impact your firm’s phone intakes.

1. Promptly Pick Up Every Call

Do you know that most people hang up after 17 seconds if their call is not answered? This means that most callers wait for about 5 rings before they decide to disconnect. Make sure that every call at your firm is promptly picked. Follow a rule that you will answer the phone within three rings. In case, you have hired another individual like a receptionist for the purpose, ensure he/ she also adheres to the rule. You do not know before you have picked up the phone, who is at the other end of the line. If a potential client disconnects because she had to wait for too long, then it will not be an ideal situation for your practice.

2. Treat Every Caller As The Most Valuable Person

It is essential that lawyers and their staff treat every caller as the most valuable person for their firm. Not every call will end with the person scheduling an appointment with you. However, that does not mean that you can adopt a lax attitude during conversations that are not feeling productive. You never know when people will change their minds and hire you in the future. Make sure that every individual with whom you have a conversation, feels valued. People must get the impression that their call was really important to you. In fact, this approach must be used even when you are meeting prospective clients.

3. Create A Favorable First Impression

You must have heard the saying that the first impression is the last impression. A law firm’s phone intakes depend upon how the person picking up the phone at the office holds the conversation. It is essential to create a favorable impression on the callers to encourage them to visit your agency. Make sure that the individual entrusted with the responsibility of answering the phone has a pleasing voice. It is also necessary to use a professional tone that is also inviting at the same time. This will encourage people to open up and share more details about their issues and themselves.

4. Handle All Calls With Sensitivity

Individuals calling up an attorney are usually facing serious legal issues. This means that the callers will be under severe emotional stress. Whether it is a lady seeking advice for divorcing her long-term partner or a business owner worried about a tax notice, most callers would be anxious and tense. It will be pertinent to handle all calls with sensitivity. The person on the other end must feel that you empathize with his/ her situation. This will help in creating an emotional connection between both parties and the individual will be encouraged to meet the attorney in person.

5. Make Sure To Get The Lead’s Contact Information

A number of people dialing your number will not schedule an appointment straightaway. They will make some inquiries and then hang up. Lawyers must expect this as the individuals will be in the process of calling up different firms before they choose one. The person answering the phone must ensure that by the end of the conversation, the vital contact information of the other individual is collected. Some people may be reluctant to share details but it is up to you to cajole the caller to part with all the necessary information. Remember not to be too pushy if someone is refusing to provide the details.

6. Escalate Potentially Strong Leads Immediately

Just like some callers will not make an appointment immediately, there will be others who are primed for conversions. Your staff must be able to recognize such individuals and escalate them to the relevant person immediately. Receptionists must be told about the kind of inquiries such leads make. They must know to whom a call must be transferred to when a strong lead appears. This will be helpful in improving the conversion rate of your practice.


A law firm’s phone intakes can be significantly increased if the agency adopts a well-defined approach to handle telephonic conversations. The suggestions mentioned here will help lawyers turn their phones into powerful lead conversion tools.

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