Combi Boilers

So: you’re in the process of building a new home or moving into a new living space. But, with winter about to come up, we have to ask: have you chosen a boiler for your new home?

In case you haven’t, you’re in luck. This article gives you an overview as to what options you ought to consider. If you’re looking for a boiler that we have not mentioned in this article, you can check how much is a new boiler here.

Conventional or Open-vent Boilers

Also known as a regular boiler or a heat-only boiler, the term is a catch-all for boilers that provide both heat and hot water through a hot water reservoir and a cold water tank. The former is usually installed in a cupboard on the ground floor of a house, the latter in the attic or loft.

This type of boiler is recommended for homes with multiple bathrooms as it can produce and dispense plenty of hot water at any given time. It is also ideal for homes that already have traditional heating systems installed or homes with older heating implements like a radiator system that may not handle the higher water pressure common to a system or combi boiler.

Products to Consider: The high-performance Vaillant ecoTEC open vent boiler is a good choice and is quite compact for a boiler of its type. Likewise, the Vitodens 100-W offers value for money as it will only set you back by £1,744 per unit with installation.

System Boilers

In a household that requires more in terms of hot water use, a system boiler would be the best possible choice.

Like open-vent boilers, these are not connected to the cold water mains. Instead, these have a coil built into the reservoir that heats its contents. It has a fairly large capacity for hot water, making this available at any given time to multiple taps or showerheads throughout your home.

However, unlike its open-vent counterpart, system boilers do not have a cold water tank, so they require less space for installation. 

These have long been popular among bigger households as they are compact yet incredibly efficient and reliable when delivering heat into spaces and heated water through taps. Modern system boilers also have the advantage of using less electricity than older models, making them cost- and energy-efficient.

Products to Consider: The Alpha E-tec 35kw is a good system boiler to use for a larger home, though it can be pricey at £1500, including VAT and installation costs. (Which, if you look at it as an investment, isn’t bad at all.) Another possible option is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 12i, an A-rated product that will set you back by £825.

Combi Boilers

In a country that’s pretty short on viable living space, the combination – or combi – boiler has become a great favourite among Britons who appreciate how these compact devices connect directly to local water mains and do not require installing a separate hot water reservoir. (Quite a good thing for those who love hot showers: combi boilers dispense hot water at the same pressure as cold mains.)

These are also a much greener option than many regular boilers as combis can be powered with natural gas rather than electricity. They will be even more eco-friendly throughout the next decade as the hybrid combi gains more widespread use. These combi boilers were designed to easily shift from natural gas to hydrogen once the latter gains wider distribution through local mains.

Products to Consider: Launched in May of this year, the Worcester Bosch 4000 is considered the gold standard where combi boilers are concerned and have the additional advantage of being hydrogen-ready.


Originally posted 2021-09-13 16:05:04.