The rich and exotic cultures of the Palmetto States

South Carolina is a state in the southern region of the United States. It is the 40th most expensive and 23rd most populous US state. South Carolina is known for its cultures and festivals. It has several venues for visual and performing arts like the Greenville County Museum of Arts, the Columbia Museum of Art, The Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston that is eye candy for visual arts. Several historic sites and museums are sparse, paying their respective homage to many events and periods in the state’s history. 

The state is home to many acknowledged individuals of any art, visuals, and literature styles. South Carolinians enjoy a vast taste of music exposure. The local areas were known for the emergence of rock and roll culture, called beach music. Despite various remakes and incarnations, the music remains to be a cultural heritage. The Bluegrass is deep-rooted in and around the Blue Ridge, where several local establishments do informal performances. 

Some of the most celebrated South Carolinians Festivals of 2021 are as follows :

1. Aiken’s Makin’:

During the first weekend in September, the community welcomes the crafters to present their talent and creations publicly during the first weekend in this Festival. From home-baked goodies to a large variety of artisans presenting their art, the Festival covers all the wide aspects of a celebration.

The artwork includes fine arts, glassworks, woodworks, ceramics, fabrics, and a lot more. 

2. Artisanville- A community of artists:

Artisanville is a place to be loved; in this village of artists, a beautiful and enthusiastic experience will enrich you and your loved ones in your budget. Selective artists who excel in their skills and own a distinctive flair are personally invited so that you can meet them and know what inspires them for their creativity.

3. South Carolina Festival of Flowers:

The Festival, aged 40 years, has been attracting people avid in gardening from all over the country. The flower festival has increasingly become famous for its art show that features various local artists and their phenomenal work, photography exhibition, and live flower and vegetation show. Visit here with the family to experience events that amuse and excite everybody, a festival for everybody including a pet show, car displays, and a variety of cuisines to savor from.  

4. The Gullah Festival:

It is one’s heritage and culture; the Festival is a celebration of the languages, customs, and history of the community of the African American Gullahs. Savor into their delicacy, dialect, dance, and music, entice your senses to their arts and the crafts, Gullah presentations, and a chance to see Black Invention Museums.

5. Artisphere:

A festival to enlighten your creativity and passion invites thousands of other patrons and tourists from around the world. In Art Demonstration Row, over a hundred talented artists display their creativity in printmaking, pottery, and glassblowing. For the wine enthusiasts, a separate section of wine tasting is present from around the globe. 

The state is full of surprises, from activities to beaches; the festivals are another highlight of annual affairs. The people happily share culture, traditions, music, and food through these meets. It’s a place to be, a life to live. 


Originally posted 2021-05-14 15:12:16.