The Introduction of AI at Online Casinos

You may never have noticed it, but when you play at an online casino, the site uses AI to provide you with several automated services, but what is AI?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a reasonably simple concept people often misunderstand due to an overabundance of the term in fictional work. Talk about AI with anyone, and barely 10 seconds will go by before someone mentions Skynet. Based on Investopedia’s definition, AI is, to put it simply, any machine that can learn and solve problems by itself.

AI’s definition has evolved over the years and encompasses machine learning and deep learning. These technologies aren’t the future anymore. They’re commercially available and are part of our everyday lives.

AI provides helpful tools to casino operators, from monitoring to assisting players. In this article, we’ll explore how online casinos make use of this new powerful technology.

AI’s Marketing Purposes

AI has proved to be a time-saver for online casinos’ marketing. Thanks to technologies like machine learning, it’s possible to train an AI to spot a user’s habits and tailor offers, for instance.

Ai in online casino

Promotional Offers

As a casino player, you’ll have to create an account in order to play the games. AI can use the information you provide, such as your location, and some that you provide indirectly by playing on the site. These pieces of information can then be used to send you notifications on the site, by SMS or email, to offer you incentives based on your activity and in your local currency. It’s something that was impossible before because an online casino can have thousands of players.

Marketing Outside of the Casino Site

AI is even more valuable to a casino looking to attract new customers with advertisements. Ads can use AI to target people that’ll potentially be interested in casino sites based on their internet activity. It’s not only used for casinos, as any brand promotion will use some sort of targeting. These ads can then pop on your social media feed or on articles you consult online.

Customer Support Automation

The most visible impact of AI for online casino players is the use of automatically generated answers when you use a live chat. AI is capable of analyzing keywords in your text and offering you probable solutions. 

However, the efficiency of this technology depends on the information it is fed. The program will use the information found on the site, generally with the help of the FAQ section or other data given to it by the operator. 

If this is well-optimized, it’s a huge time-saver for both the customer and the operator. It also allows the site to hire fewer people for its service. Moreover, players benefit from a 24/7 service that can help them within a few minutes, with the option to discuss with a human agent.

The AI will also collect data during the exchange and ask for feedback from the users to further improve the experience. Over time, a customer support bot can prove more efficient than a human for simple queries without making mistakes.

Behavioural Monitoring

Identifying Problematic Gambling

Online casinos must ensure the games stay fun for everyone. However, the tools provided to persons suffering from addiction mainly rely on the players’ will to change things. Self-exclusion and limiting measures are only efficient if the player is aware that they have a problem and want to solve it. 

AI can monitor a user’s gambling patterns by analysing deposits, withdrawals, and wagers placed. It allows the AI to notify the operator, which can then intervene to assist the player.

Catching Cheaters

Unfortunately, we don’t live in Neverland, and games that offer monetary gain are seen as an opportunity to cheat by many. By using the same behavioural monitoring as for irrational gamblers, an AI can spot a cheater. 

The operator can train the AI using machine learning on the rules of a game and instruct it with known cheating patterns. If a player tries to do something that isn’t allowed, he can be flagged by the machine and banned by the operator.

AI Saves Money and Time to the Operator

AI can save a great deal of money to an operator if it’s used in synergy. The more data the operator feeds an AI, the more efficient it becomes. Allowing it to track transactions can help reduce the risk of fraud and eliminate discrepancies in a casino’s financial report. All the economic activity can be tracked, from the player’s pocket to the payment provider service and the casino’s account, which lets the AI create a detailed report.

AI at Online Casinos: It’s Already Working

Believing that AI isn’t already used at online casinos is a sweet delusion. It’s already here, and it’s very effective. We use it without even realising it, and it hasn’t taken over the world. On the contrary, it frees casinos from redundant tasks and allows them to offer personalised experiences to millions of players worldwide.