Impact of Massage on Prenatal Care

Massage therapy has long been known to relieve mental stress and muscle tension. However, the recent rise in alternative medicine integration to traditional healthcare has led to the discovery of many other beneficial applications. Hospitals and medical centers have begun to offer massage therapy services to patients with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia sufferers. Patients attending physical therapy to recover from sports injuries, falls, or car accidents may also benefit from a treatment program that incorporates massage.

In addition to its relaxation benefits, massage can help increase blood flow and decrease the effects of high blood pressure. More and more healthcare providers opt to include medical massage therapy in their practice due to its rapid growth. Interested medical professionals may consider checking Wilkes University’s state authorization guidelines for more specific information. This resource is available regardless of Wilkes University application status or admission.

Massages for Swelling and Fatigue

Massages for Swelling and Fatigue

The pressure of an expanding womb may affect blood flow to the legs, leading to increased swelling. As mentioned above, massage has a positive effect on your circulatory system in that it can help increase blood flow. Therefore, a pregnancy massage may help to increase your blood circulation and help diminish excessive swelling. Healthy circulation can also contribute to muscle oxygenation.

Oxygen in your body gets used to breaking down glucose. By breaking down glucose, your body creates the molecule known as ATP. ATP is your body’s energy source. Therefore, increasing your ability to break down glucose can help reduce the effects pregnancy has on your overall energy levels.

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Back and Joint Pain Relief

Back and Joint Pain Relief

Carrying a baby can also add stress to a pregnant woman’s back and joints. This stress is caused in part by weight gain but can be exacerbated by changes in posture. Aches and pains are also associated with pregnancy because your body is changing in preparation for childbirth. Prenatal massage can address this concern by focusing on your specific problem areas to provide relief.

Possible Mental Effects of Prenatal Massage

Possible Mental Effects of Prenatal Massage

Pregnant women have regular medical appointments resulting in frequent travel and, in some cases, increased time spent in doctor’s offices and waiting rooms. Concerns about finances, childcare, and delivery may be a source of anxiety for many women. In general, disruptions in daily life and transitional periods often result in mental distress.

Prenatal massage not only has the potential to relax your body, but it can help ease symptoms of stress as well. Some prenatal massage therapists offer consultations wherein the client can go over their specific needs to maximize the tension-relieving aspects of massage therapy. A relaxing fragrance like lavender or ambient music may be available to supplement your massage session and put your mind at ease.

Continued Self-Care

Giving birth does not mean the end of massage therapy in your self-care routine. Some new moms experience postpartum depression, trouble breastfeeding, or increased anxiety. Caring for your body through gentle massage can be an outlet for various types of pain. It may be beneficial for pregnant clients to discuss continued massage therapy options with their massage therapist to maximize the pain-relieving benefits.

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Pregnant women looking to incorporate massage into their prenatal care should seek out a qualified massage specialist who specializes in natal massages. By visiting a massage therapist with specialized knowledge in prenatal care, you can ensure they have an already established familiarity with your specific needs. For example, you may require a support pillow for your hips and joints or a modified massage table during your prenatal massage session. Additionally, many massage therapists work with pressure points. Having extraordinary knowledge of what pressure points to focus on or avoid in pregnant clients can help prevent discomfort.

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