Bodily Detoxification

“You are whatever you eat”, This statement is true as the things we eat are used to provide supplements and nourishments for our body. Everything we eat is broken down and spread across the body. In this world, however, it is progressively getting harder and harder to live healthier lifestyles as there is pollution around us and anything we eat isn’t always natural or organic. While our bodies are well equipped for the task of removing any harmful toxins and bacteria from the things we consume, it sometimes needs extra help from us to perform better such as using products from MWI

Detoxing is a rising trend in health and fitness and is one of the methods one can use to help boost their body’s detoxification process along with several benefits. Here are some signs your body will give to show you might need a bodily cleanse.

a). Red Flags in your Body

  1. You don’t feel as energetic as you were before and you’re constantly fatigued and stressed
  2. You experience sharp pains in your head such as headaches or migraines
  3. You feel unstable emotionally and mentally. Your mood and state of mind is easily affected by the littlest things
  4. You have bad breath and/or body odor despite having a good body and dental hygiene
  5. You have constant exposure to harmful toxins. This can come from your work surroundings such as carbon emissions, from your friends or workmates in the form of cigarette smoke and even from the environment such as car emissions.
  6. Your digestion feels troubled and slow. You experience slight discomfort after eating.
  7. You consume junk food, sugary foods and fast foods. Too much of these can greatly damage your body and can lead to problems in your liver or kidneys.

Taking notes of these red flags that your body is giving is essential for keeping healthy before things can get worse. Detoxing is a short-term intervention that is designed to help and improve these situations.It promotes a healthier environment and bodily conditions that would significantly boost and enhance the body’s natural detoxification process. Detoxing is one method that you can do to improve your situation and comes with several benefits.

b). Helps in Weight Loss

The main aspect of detoxification involves changing your food intake, replacing it with healthier foods, and more hydration. Healthier foods promote bodily growth and a faster digestion process as it is easier to breakdown and absorbs. Examples of food that are used for these are Raspberries, Apples and Lemon. All fruits are rich in vitamin C and have enzymes that help aid in digestion which increases your metabolism and speeds up the weight loss process.

c). Boosted Immune System

The change to healthier food intake promotes more vitamins and nutrients to be sent out across the body making it healthier and stronger against diseases and viruses. A detox diet is filled with Vitamin C, B, malic acids and selenium which assists in the removal of heavy metals.

d). Improved Liver Function

As you are drinking and eating healthier foods, your liver isn’t as overworked as it was before making it have an easier time cleansing any liquids inside your body. This eases your liver as it doesn’t have too much to keep up with compared to before.

Originally posted 2021-09-24 02:01:57.