Scaling Your B2B eCommerce Business

Over the last two years, businesses have altered their strategies drastically to keep up with the changing environments. 2020 and 2021 have been marked as years of business continuity and pivoting operations to remain relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, but 2022 looks to direct companies on a different path. 

From the middle of 2021 and into 2022, businesses globally have been refocusing their strategies on scaling their businesses. Brands are looking to accelerate their growth monumentally throughout the year, building on what they have learned over the last two years.

So, with this in mind, we thought we would take a look at some of the ways these global B2B businesses are growing. We unpacked some of the key shifts companies are taking to not only remain relevant with their client base but to expand it further in the next five years. 

Remaining Relevant to Increase the Value of your Business 

In many cases, business owners will focus on building up their businesses to a point where they are able to sell them for a large profit. Part of this strategy is to ensure that the company remains relevant and keeps adapting continuously to maintain relevance in the marketplace. 

Not only does this mean that the B2B business must continuously have their finger on the pulse of what their competitors are doing, but what their customers want. It also requires the business owner to know what investors and potential buyers are looking for. It also means that a business owner will need to know where and how to sell the business. 

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Amazon is a great marketplace for businesses, and you simply need to know the ins and outs of buying and selling on Amazon to make a profit on your B2B business. With the right knowledge in hand, many business owners have successfully started a multitude of brands and companies, built them into functional businesses, and sold them on successfully. It just takes a comprehensive understanding of what your market needs are to build the brand effectively. 

Re-Align Your Customer Journey 

We have businesses globally scrambling to remain relevant during COVID-19, and altering their operations, offerings and strategies for a more digital customer. With all of the efforts being placed on a change in strategy, many businesses have foregone the customer journey to simply remain relevant. 

Companies are finally winding down and taking a look at their customer service and how the various touchpoints can be enhanced for the overall customer experience in the company. With so many changes in the development and delivery of products and services to your clients, it might be worthwhile to do a customer journey audit on your business. 

Start from the foundation of the business and go through the entire journey your client might take. Assess each touchpoint and every point of contact that they might have with your company. The key is to surprise and delight your client at every single point of the customer journey, and with all of the radical changes that you might have made over the last two years, you might find that the newer inclusions in the business will need some tweaking to be completely adapted for customer satisfaction. 

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Increase Your Digital Marketing Budget 

We have seen hundreds of businesses scraping by with minimal marketing budgets, and more attention being placed on products and services than the marketing of them. From 2022, this will simply not be good enough if you want to scale your business. Whether you want to grow your client base and keep running your own business, or sell it for a profit, digital marketing is an absolute must for all eCommerce businesses. 

If the content is not a key focus for you yet, start looking into it now. From the content on your website itself to blogs, social posts, campaigns, emails and affiliate content, we highly recommend you push this up the priority list for your company.

There are also millions of companies globally who are producing great content but simply not putting any budget behind it. And we always ask why. Not only does sponsoring content get you seen by audiences beyond just your followers and fans, but it increases your SEO rankings. Organic traffic is a very vital aspect of businesses, and the higher you appear on search results, the more organic traffic you will find to your site. 

Keep your keywords relevant and updated at all times. Take some time going through your site and updating your landing pages every now and then. You will see that Google will re-scrape you and change your rankings when you do. And lastly, keep those blogs and campaigns fresh and regular to keep you relevant in the minds of your customers. 

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Last Thoughts

One of the key things that we keep telling B2B businesses is to keep measuring and monitoring absolutely everything. What are your clients clicking on? What campaigns are driving traffic? Where are the most bounces? Keep monitoring this at all times and you will start having an understanding of what you might need to alter to scale your business.

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